Little Napoleon and His Trusty New Steed

16 December 2022

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Climate catastrophist Chris Bowen delayed switching from a petrol car to an electric vehicle because he was determined to drive the latest Tesla.

He could have had a Hyundai EV, but he insisted on waiting until the Tesla 3 was available, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph.

The car was, of course, paid for by taxpayers.

So Concerned

But think of all the dirty carbon emissions Bowen was pumping into the fragile atmosphere while waiting for his EV of choice to arrive.

If the weather bedwetter was really concerned about the climate, he would have taken the Hyundai. I mean, when you’re on a climate highway to hell, you take the first EV you can get your hands on, don’t you?

Not Bowen.

The planet may be on fire, but Bowen reckoned he could afford to let it burn just a bit more rather than pass up the chance to drive one of Elon’s cars.

I’m sure the children mining cobalt in the Congo will be happy for Bowen. But I digress.

All for Show

As this picture shows, Bowen is clearly still learning about his new set of wheels…


Someone needs to tell the Energy Minister that you don’t need to hold the power cord when charging an EV. It’s not like electricity is going to spill all over the ground if the cord suddenly disconnects.

He’s going to be standing there a long time.

Six hours?

One thing I do know about Bowen’s new car — it will automatically swerve to the left.

I wonder if he realises the electricity charging his swanky new vehicle is generated by burning coal? Probably not.

You have to love the arrogance. As energy minister, Chris Bowen proposes policies that make the cost of electricity skyrocket for ordinary Australians while, at the same time, posing in front of a prestigious EV provided for him by those same ordinary Australians.

Anyway, if Bowen’s intention was to inspire the rest of us, I think it has worked. I’m certainly inspired.

I think we should all trade in our current vehicles for free Teslas.

Who’s with me?


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 16 December 2022 at 10:35 am - Reply

    Ah…once again you bring my morning smile James. Received with thanks n appreciation .

  2. Jim Twelves 17 December 2022 at 8:52 am - Reply

    James, I am sorry, I would run a mile from a Tesla! I cant imagine anything worse than having to ‘recharge’ it from the grid. Now if it had a solar panel on the roof and could simply go where the sun shines, that would be my sort of car!

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