Alex Berenson

Journalist Who Scored Legal Win Against Twitter to Sue Pfizer and White House

16 January 2023

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Pfizer is being taken to court by journalist Alex Berenson for its latest legal and ethical violations.

Former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson this week announced his plans to sue both Pfizer and the White House for their respective roles in censoring his reporting about the failures of the Covid-19 mRNA injections.

“I will be going to court to fight back,” Berenson announced Saturday, forecasting an “epic legal battle over the way the government and Big Pharma used social media companies to censor debate” over the shots.

Berenson scored a legal win against Twitter in 2022 after taking the social media giant to federal court for banning him from its platform. His case survived Twitter’s motion to dismiss — an unprecedented legal victory that ultimately saw Twitter admit its mistake and let Berenson back on the platform.

This week, Berenson described that historic settlement with Twitter as “only the start” of his fight.

Hard Evidence of Censorship Conspiracy

“I now have hard evidence of the way the White House tried and ultimately succeeded in forcing Twitter to ban me — a violation of my First Amendment rights,” Berenson announced via Substack — “and how Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member, participated in the conspiracy.”

The hard evidence to which Berenson refers came to light this week through Elon Musk’s Twitter Files. In the most recent cache of exposed documents, Gottlieb pressured a Twitter White House contact to censor physician Dr. Brett Giroir for the accurate claim that people with natural immunity do not need Pfizer’s product.

“It’s now clear #COVID19 natural immunity is superior to #vaccine immunity, by ALOT,” Dr. Giroir had tweeted. “There’s no scientific justification for #vax proof if a person had prior infection.”

In response, Gottlieb protested to his Twitter contact that Giroir’s post was “corrosive” and would “end up going viral and driving news coverage”.

Twitter flagged Giroir’s tweet, slapping a ‘misleading’ tag on it, which prevented most Twitter users from seeing it. The ‘misleading’ label remains to this day.

Another Pfizer Conflict of Interest

Gottlieb’s move represented an obvious conflict of interest. It shielded Pfizer’s credibility and profit margin while coming from a man with vast connections in Washington DC who is also a former government employee: Gottlieb was formerly the FDA Commissioner. Twitter staff even referred to Gottlieb as such in their internal correspondence.

Moreover, Gottlieb’s action against Giroir was only the tip of the iceberg in his conspiracy to use Twitter to silence Pfizer’s critics.

No ordinary Pfizer board member, Gottlieb is one of seven members of the Pfizer board’s executive committee and the head of its regulatory and compliance committee, which oversees “compliance with laws, regulations, and internal procedures applicable to pharmaceutical sales and marketing activities.”

Pfizer has a long history of legal and ethical violations.

A ‘Titanic’ Fight Ahead

“I am not exaggerating when I say this suit may be our only realistic chance to find out what Pfizer and the Biden Administration knew about the problems with the mRNAs in 2021, and how they may have schemed to push mandates and boosters on the public,” Berenson wrote Saturday. He continued:

This fight is going to be titanic. Pfizer and the White House will have essentially unlimited funds to try to deny me and these questions a day in court. They will do whatever they can to prevent me from reaching the discovery stage of the suit and unearthing their secrets.

Berenson’s announcement came just hours after the CDC and FDA acknowledged a possible link between Pfizer’s bivalent shot and strokes, which the CDC will now investigate.

It also came days after FDA vaccine advisers expressed disappointment and anger that early data about another Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review in 2022.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 16 January 2023 at 6:12 am - Reply

    When ever someone, in this case Alex, is willing to stand against the giant’s in this case the U.S. Government and the legal drug cartels, I am reminded of our Biblical stories.
    These are not made up children’s stories as some claim.
    Thank you Kurt – for your own David stance.

  2. Kim Beazley 16 January 2023 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    Should we be critical of people like Berenson being censored and removed from social media platforms? Definitely. Should we be promoting people like Berenstein who promote fraudulent and distorted claims in relation to the vaccines? Definitely not!

    In this instance his claims relating to “natural immunity” are completely untrue. As any examination of the literature will prove, a three course vaccination gives robust protection against infection, as does previous infection. But the greatest immunity comes from previous serious infection (many cases of mild infection are found to offer virtually no immunity) followed by at least one vaccination.

    Besides, even to draw a comparison ignores the massively increased risks involved with infection, so the age old saying, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” comes to mind.

    This video gives a good run down of the facts:

    And how ironic that this article advocating “natural immunity” should be published the same day as one reporting the adoption by Christians of the designation “Pure Blood”, which has its roots in Nazism and has been adopted by anti-vaxxers, and as the article at shows, “natural immunity” has its roots in the same demonic source.

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