Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ Gender-Bender Style: A Confused Generation

14 February 2023

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Harry Styles is being used to promote gender confusion among pre-teens and teenagers. He’s a pawn in a battle for the souls of a generation of Zoomers. Sadly, many Zoomers — but not all — are so brainwashed and confused that they have no idea that they’re being manipulated and groomed at every turn.

Why is it wrong for Styles to be wearing a dress? Because it’s about selling lies and confusion.

1. He’s saying that masculinity is so flexible that it can be indistinguishable from femininity. But masculinity and femininity are different and they are grounded in their respective male and female physiology, chemicals, and physical and social roles in creating and raising children.

2. In wearing a dress, Styles most certainly is still a man, but he is casting off or diminishing his masculinity, and that is something that the overwhelming majority of women will find unappealing, even if lots of love-struck teenage girls find it intriguing now.

In that respect, the message that masculinity is expendable is something that will serve both male and female Zoomers poorly, particularly boys, as they learn the hard way that women prefer masculine men.

But many girls will come to see actual masculinity as threatening the more they imbibe Styles’ messaging; this will leave them dissatisfied in the long run.

3. One reason that many Zoomers don’t get how seriously wrong this is, is because they have little to no conception of the biological reality of differences between sexes. They’re clueless about this and so don’t realised how manipulated they are by transgender ideology and gender-bending propaganda like Harry Styles.

4. The good news is that there’s a massive counter-offensive on social media led by people like Jordan Peterson and Matt Walsh who uncover the absurdity of it all, and reveal the extent to which Zoomers and Millennials have been manipulated by their schools, universities, celebrities, and media. Many Zoomers are aware of the manipulation and have not been duped. They are heroes of their generation.

5. Harry Styles represents a generation that has been groomed and brainwashed by cynical and perverted elites who have trained them to think that masculinity is toxic, sex/gender is infinitely flexible or unreal, and questioning this propaganda is hatred and bigotry. They should be up in arms about it.


Originally published on Facebook. Photo by Anne.

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  1. Jim Twelves 14 February 2023 at 9:16 am - Reply

    Dear Stephen, thank you. In reading this I drifted back into my memory of the 1960s when I was a teenager. I have to confess that I remember being so exhilarating to realize that I was ‘a man’. It was such an important stage in life to realize young men were so different from young women. There was no distinction between the physical differences and the psychological/emotional difference. It was all so ‘obvious’, so ‘natural’. I feel for today’s teens who have been immersed into the mud of confusion that seeks to blend them into simply ‘people’.
    Lets do all we can to celebrate the creator of heaven and earth, who made all things good.

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