Time to Close the Gap: Lidia Thorpe Needs to Go

20 April 2023

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Lidia Thorpe is part of a small group of politicians who hold the balance of power in the Federal Senate.

Think about that.

Lidia Thorpe is also one of the leading Indigenous activists in Australia at a time when we are considering giving Indigenous activists unprecedented power through Voice, Truth Telling and Treaty.

Think about that.

Lidia Thorpe was put into Parliament by the Greens. Adam Bandt and his choof-loving colleagues thought she would be a great representative.

Think about that.

Lidia Thorpe is paid more than $200,000 a year by taxpayers to represent the people of Victoria, helping to shape policy for the entire nation.

Think about that.

Here is Senator Thorpe outside a Melbourne strip club at 3am on Sunday morning…


It’s not clear what started an altercation between the Federal Senator and a group of men on the street. According to the strip club manager, Senator Thorpe was going up to white patrons and telling them “You stole my land”.


David Ross, general manager of Maxine’s, said Senator Thorpe’s behaviour was ‘just unacceptable’ and that she has been banned for life from the establishment.

On a video of the altercation, Senator Thorpe is heard saying to one of the men…

“You know what I say to you? You know what I say to you? Small penis, small penis.”

When one of the men calls a her racist, she responds…

“Any black man that stands with the f…ing white little c… like that youse can all get f…ed like you. We’ve been repressed all our f…ing life in this country and you let this little dog speak.”

It’s an interesting defence to being called a racist, that’s for sure.

If a white senator addressed black people in the street like that, they would be shamed out of Parliament.

If a white senator made a comment like that about a black person’s genitalia, they would be shamed out of Parliament.

If a white senator told white people that if they stood with black people they should “get f…ed”, they would be shamed out of Parliament.

But Lidia Thorpe is not white.

Lidia Thorpe is Indigenous.

It’s difficult not to believe that Lidia Thorpe only gets away with her outrageous behaviour because she is Indigenous.

Allowing Lidia Thorpe to remain in Parliament is the racism of low expectations.

The ABC didn’t even report the incident in their Sunday evening news bulletin. Do you think the ABC would have been silent if it was Pauline Hanson rather than Lidia Thorpe?

There is a great deal of talk about closing the gap between white and Indigenous people.

Well the time has finally come to close the gap.

Shame Lidia Thorpe out of Parliament, the same as would be done if she were white.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report. Photo by Matt Hrkac/Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Katie Caffieri 20 April 2023 at 11:05 am - Reply

    Lidia Thorpe has both Aboriginal and European heritage. If it wasn’t for the white part of her she wouldn’t be here and it’s a pity that people can’t sack politicians after all we are the ones paying her wages – she is a disgrace to her party.

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