Jesus Revolution Movie: Highly Recommended

4 May 2023

2.1 MINS

I’m not normally one for doing movie reviews, but there is a film out at present that I’d highly commend. It’s called, Jesus Revolution and it tells the story of the Christian revival which occurred in America during the 1960s, especially in California. Many of the people involved were ‘hippies’, young people who had become disillusioned which the secular materialism of the West and were turning instead to drugs and Eastern mysticism in their search for meaning and truth.

The movie stars Kelsey Grammer who a lot of older people would recognise from the popular TV sitcom Frasier. But all of the actors are excellent, especially Jonathan Roumie who plays the character Lonnie Frisbee – if you’ve seen the show Chosen then you’ll recognise that Roumie also plays the person of Jesus. Rarely do you find a Christian movie though, which is a really well-made movie while at the same time reflecting evangelical Christianity at the same time. But this movie is a rare exception.

One of the things I appreciated was how it showed the growth in character of people who were already believers but were  ‘locked’ into their traditional way of doing things. In one memorable scene, the deacons complain about the newcomers staining the new shagpile carpet and so, as a solution, the pastor washes their feet before they enter the building for church.

In this sense, it’s really a movie about a remarkable movement of God’s Spirit at a time in American culture and world history that many of us would still remember. Ultimately, it’s a story about faith, hope and love!

To my great surprise – and personal embarrassment – I found myself tearing up at more than a few moments in the movie. But rather than feel emotionally manipulated, it was because I was genuinely moved by the spiritual and relational heartache of those involved. The script is also excellent, with some great insights into the human condition without reducing them to corny clichés.

Due to the themes of drug use and child abandonment, I wouldn’t suggest seeing this with children still in primary school. But it would definitely take older children and it would even make for an excellent growth group outing with a meal/hot chocolate afterwards to discuss together what you got out of it.

There are a few things which theologically I didn’t agree with. And I think those things will become clear as you watch the movie. But what I really appreciated is that Jesus Revolution doesn’t shy away from showing the brokenness of God’s servants. As Christians, we still struggle with sin, in particular pride which can come ironically, especially when we experience exceptional moments of fruitfulness in ministry.

This is a movie that has done really well overseas. And has even outsold many of the mainstream movies at present. Due to its strong Christian themes, it won’t enjoy a long run in the cinemas so I’d make the effort to try and see it now. There’s always the opportunity to buy it later and watch it at home, but viewing it at the movies also provides a great way of bringing a non-Christian friend or family member to something which – by God’s grace – might cause another Jesus revolution again.


Photo by Jesus Revolution Movie.

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  1. Ian Moncrieff 4 May 2023 at 7:29 pm - Reply

    Definitely a movie worth watching, and inviting an unsaved friend to. It portrays reality, both the drug scene and the power of contemporary Christian music. The gospel is clearly and unashamedly presented. Loved the water baptism scenes.

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