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The Australian Government Ruled COVID Wrong-think ‘Domestic Terrorism’

24 May 2023

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Freedom of information documents acquired by LNP senator Alex Antic show the Australian Government treated COVID wrong-think as domestic terrorism.

Canberra Censorship

First reported by Chris Kenny, the former Morrison government, under domestic terrorism response protocols, sought out cyber censorship of “COVID-related content, 4,213 times”.

Although everything – bar the title – in the 28-page document was blacked out, the Department of Home Affairs did provide a second document “summarising numbers of interventions under those protocols”.

From 2017 to 2022, the Department of Home Affairs petitioned social media sites to censor information 13,636 times.

Over 9,000 were said to be related to “terrorism, and violent extremism.”

The remainder were COVID-19 intervention referrals, adding up to approximately “four requests per day over a three-year period”.

Breaking the news on Twitter and Facebook, Antic said,

“The Department of Home Affairs has finally responded to my FOI request, admitting that it has been making requests of social media companies to censor COVID posts.”

“The information reveals an Australian Government department as a key player in the COVID censorship industrial complex”.


He then added,

“The Department needs to explain the nature of the 4,213 requests it made regarding COVID matters, and whether any of those requests relate to matters which have now been debunked. Such as the effectiveness of COVID vaccination in preventing transmission.”

This should include the Australian DHA explaining their criteria for determining what COVID coverage was, and what wasn’t, considered by the department to be “hate speech” or domestic terrorism.

Antic told The Australian,

“It’s entirely unclear to me why the DHA, a department which is primarily charged with the duty of overseeing matters like border control, has been using a backdoor arrangement with social media companies to influence the media in relation to matters of public health.”

Referring to Elon Musk’s exposure of big tech working with big government, Antic called the news, “Australia’s very own Twitter files scandal”.

“On what basis is the department qualified to determine the truth associated with COVID-related matters”, he concluded.

Antic, an opponent of vaccine mandates, and outspoken defender of free speech, freedom of conscience, and informed consent, is seeking clarifications from the Department about specifics.

The federal LNP senator for South Australia wants to know whom the government was censoring, and what kind of COVID-related content was being suppressed.

So far, the DHA is keeping this information under its bureaucratic overlord’s hat.

The details could be damning.

Global COVID Censorship

Especially given the global practice of unelected public health ‘experts’ silencing the medical profession for offering a second opinion.

Some of the biggest examples of censorship documented by Caldron Pool since 2020 include: Dr. Simone Gold, America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCollough, Michael Capuzzo, and the COVID medical network.

Even a July 2021 podcast, where I discussed COVID censorship, was itself censored by Silicon Valley technocrats.

Among Caldron Pool’s 718+ COVID-related posts, we also documented how the Australian government was gearing up to fight freedom of conscience, which was mislabelled by the government as “extremism.”

This amounted to a program of mass intimidation, and the silencing of those who questioned COVID’s origins, purpose, “vaccines,” lockdowns, and mandates.

If you’ve never read any of the 718+ Caldron Pool articles, published from 2020 until now, Senator Antic’s findings hint at why.

For many Australians wrongly labelled as “anti-vaxxers,” and “grandma killers”, his FOI findings are more vindication, less revelation.

Such is the reach of the government’s politicisation of medicine, in January 2023, Democrat presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. announced his team were suing legacy media for using big government-backed censorship to crush competitors.

There were always two sides to COVID: the actual crisis, and the one manufactured by bureaucrats for the cameras (see here, and here).

COVID required a scalpel. It’s now without a doubt that the government chose instead to use a bat.


Originally published at CaldronPool. Photo by Sasith Mawananehewa.

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  1. Jim Twelves 24 May 2023 at 8:23 am - Reply

    Rod, thank you for your bringing this censorship issue to light for us. Even though we don’t know (but really we should shouldn’t we) what was redacted from the FOI release, the fact that ‘they’ have admitted guilt, means ‘they’ need to be held to account. Thank you Senator Antic. Further, the fact that this has ‘come out’ is yet more ‘light’ for those who still believe the ‘government acted in our best interests’.

  2. Leonie Robson 24 May 2023 at 8:30 am - Reply

    Thanks Rod, and thank God for Alex Antic, and his mate Gerard Rennick.
    Is it any wonder that the rats are deserting the sinking ship, for prime positions, no doubt…good riddance to them.
    I hope to see them being held to account, but won’t hold my breath.

  3. Kaylene Emery 24 May 2023 at 9:08 am - Reply

    Thank you Rod. And to all the Peter Pan’s out there who wish to become or remain sleeping beauties I offer my favourite quote from Alcoholics Anonymous = Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt !

  4. Stephen Lewin 24 May 2023 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Thank you Rod for article

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