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Voice Campaigner Thomas Mayo’s Anti-Australia Day Tweets Re-Surface

30 June 2023

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Thomas Mayo swears he’s not using the Voice to change the date of Australia Day. His past tweets say otherwise.

Thomas Mayo, an ‘architect’ of the Voice to Parliament and one of its chief campaigners, has been exposed a second time in as many weeks for radical views he voiced online before his recent rise to prominence.

The latest round of recovered tweets, published Tuesday by the Daily Mail, reveal Mayo’s contempt for celebrating Australia Day on 26 January, along with his hope the Voice will prompt a change in date for Australia’s national holiday.

“Celebrating 26 Jan is disgusting,” Mayo tweeted as recently as January 2021. “Protesting it is important. Show up. But prioritise – on that day & every other day – the campaign for a First Nations Voice referendum.”

Two years earlier, in January 2019, Thomas Mayo tweeted #ChangeTheNation — a hashtag favoured by opponents of Australia Day’s current date — before explaining how activists could achieve a change in date:

There’s only one serious place to start: At the referendum ballot box voting ‘YES’ to a First Nations Voice enshrined in the rule book – the constitution. Write to your MP on 26 Jan – demand that the #UluruStatement -VoiceTreatyTruth – is backed in parliament!

Several months prior, Mayo took to Twitter to share a similar sentiment: “Dear all who are stuck on the Jan 26 merry-go-round, Try accepting the invitation in the Uluru Statement, walk with First Nations, gain referendum enshrining a FN’s Voice, Then there’ll be an appropriate body, with the appropriate authority, to discuss an appropriate date with.”

As reported by the Daily Declaration last week, Thomas Mayo was previously outed for expressing his sympathies for Communism — the most deadly ideology in history responsible for the deaths of up to 150 million people.

Thomas Mayo’s Sudden Backflip

Mayo apparently hopes that Australians will forget his years-long contempt for the national holiday in its current form.

When questioned by the Daily Mail about his controversial views, Mayo responded that he does not “share that particular view about Australia Day anymore”.

“I support celebrating our nation, I’m a proud Australian and I believe our democracy is important, and it will be enhanced when Indigenous people are given a say on the matters that affect them such as health and education,” he claimed.

His sensational backflip puts him conveniently in line with his co-belligerents in the Labor government, who are currently insisting the Voice will have no impact on the date of Australia Day.

Commonsense critics have questioned how this could possibly be, since the express purpose of a Voice would be to make representation “about matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people”.

It’s no secret that in recent years, opposition to Australia Day has become a litmus test for loyalty to progressive Indigenous causes.

Is Thomas Mayo Telling the Truth?

Thomas Mayo’s Australia Day tweets are not the only time he has advocated for a change of date.

In a divisive and faux-historical 2022 opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald, Mayo called January 26 “the date that marks the end of over 60 millennia of comparative peace,” and the demise of “a wonderfully happy life my people lived before the First Fleet arrived with its deadly cargo of settlers”.

There, too, Mayo argued that “a constitutionally enshrined Voice is the answer to the question of Australia’s identity… and how we should celebrate it.”

Mayo concluded by suggesting the national holiday could be moved to “the date a successful Voice referendum” is passed.

Only 18 months later, Thomas Mayo wants Australians to believe he has revoked his long-held and precisely-articulated views on the national holiday.

Not likely.

Au contraire, telling strategic lies is a classic Communist strategy. Given Mayo’s penchant for Communism, how can Australians be sure he’s not lying to make the Voice more palatable — and more likely to pass?

We’ll know when he starts tweeting next Australia Day.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 30 June 2023 at 3:29 pm - Reply

    Thank you for your as ever, great article Kurt.
    You will be very proud of Lyle Shelton’s interview with George Christensen today. Praying you have space to listen…it will warm your heart.
    As your writing warms mine.

  2. Ian Moncrieff 30 June 2023 at 4:31 pm - Reply

    To me, it seems obvious that the Thomas Mayo info/facts doing the rounds on emails and social media are having the desired effect – that is, that there is a hidden agenda behind the Voice referendum, and it is being exposed, piece by piece.
    I believe most Aussies don’t want Communism re-surfacing; most don’t want Australia Day changed; and most don’t want division of our citizenry.
    All these “don’t wants “ will happen in the unlikely ” yes” vote prevails.

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