Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom

21 August 2023


The blockbuster, record-breaking smash hit movie from the United States, Sound of Freedom, is coming soon to cinemas across Australia and New Zealand!

Based on the incredible true story of Operation Underground Railroad founder and former Department of Homeland Security Special Agent, Tim Ballard, the Angel Studios-distributed film is on-track to gross well over A$300 million globally. Considering the film’s production budget is only around A$23 million (low-budget by Hollywood standards), this makes it one of the most financially successful films of 2023.

As The Direct, an entertainment news outlet, reports,

“The controversial Sound of Freedom broke a major record at the (US) domestic box office… With the second-weekend jump the movie saw at the (box office) ticket window, Angel Studios becomes the first and only studio to achieve a second-week jump greater than 35% during the (US) summer box office season.”

For those who understand the economics of the silver screen, this is simply extraordinary. It is a great achievement, especially within the predominantly woke world of media and entertainment.

By the way, it seems the only reason many in the mainstream media are calling Sound of Freedom ‘controversial’ is because it shines a light on the heinous activity of child trafficking. One doesn’t need to be conspiratorial to understand that, shockingly, millions of children are trafficked globally for sexual exploitation every year.

Attempts to seemingly downplay the existence of barbarous child traffickers expose the mainstream media as incompetent, corrupt frauds.

Nine years in the making, Sound of Freedom was directed by Alejandro Monteverde and co-written with Rod Barr. It stars the brilliant Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard, supported by Mira Sorvino as Tim’s wife Katherine, and others such as Bill Camp and Kurt Fuller. Described by some as the ‘most powerful story I’ve ever witnessed,’ ‘gripping and heart-breaking, but hope-giving,’ and ‘an inspiring, life-changing film,’ I’m not surprised the film is smashing it at the box office.

Personally, I can’t wait to see it!

Thankfully, I don’t have to wait much longer. Our good friends at are bringing Sound of Freedom to cinemas across Australia and New Zealand from 24 August.

Find out more and book your tickets here!

Thank God for brave people like Tim Ballard, as well as his wife Katherine, who encouraged Tim to ‘quit your job, and go and rescue those kids.’ Just, wow! As my friend and pastor Scott Hanzy says, ‘Brave people stand.’

I’ll leave the final word to another flawed yet brave man, Mel Gibson, ‘The fight to end child trafficking is a worldwide movement that requires collective effort and a united front. This is just the beginning. Go see Sound of Freedom.’


As Mr Gibson said, go see Sound of Freedom. It’s rated ‘M’, so is not suitable for younger children, but take as many of your family and friends as you can.

Let’s support the team behind Sound of Freedom and help send the message that ‘God’s children are not for sale’.

Yours for more brave people,
Nathaniel Marsh


Originally published at Dads4Kids.


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  1. Kim Beazley 21 August 2023 at 8:28 am - Reply

    Fancy Disney having picked up this movie, already made when they acquired Fox in 2019, and not wanting anything to do with it. Instead they poured megamillions into an already faded “Indiana Jones” franchise and tanked yet again.

  2. Ian Moncrieff 21 August 2023 at 11:26 am - Reply

    Thanks Nathaniel. This has got to be a movie not to miss. I trust it gives us some hope of how to be involved in the fight to save God’s children.

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