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Announcing a Major New Book on Jesus

17 November 2023

3.6 MINS

Join us this Monday, 20 November, for a special Zoom meeting to announce the upcoming release of Jesus, the Centre of It All!

We have some exciting news to share. This Monday 20 November, Canberra Declaration will be holding a special Zoom meeting to announce the upcoming release of a brand-new book!

Entitled Jesus: The Centre of It All, the book was written by experienced and gifted authors Kurt Mahlburg and Warwick Marsh. I (Samuel) am excited about how this relatively small book will impact believers and non-believers alike.

Comprising ten short chapters, the book aims to present the mission and meaning of Jesus’ life by placing Him in a biblical context. At the same time, the book also points out how Jesus has completely changed the world we live in for the better.

The book is part personal story, part devotional, part biblical/historical, part apologetics, and all-heart.

Watch as Warwick and Kurt discuss their passion and excitement for the book below!


Such a message needs to be heard by believers, who may not have understood yet just how impactful Christianity has been on our world. We need to restore biblical Christianity to the church in Australia.

And such a message needs to be heard by those who are not yet believers so that they can hear the true message that Jesus is Messiah, Saviour, Friend of Sinners and Coming King (plus much more).

Some Incredible Endorsements

On Monday night, we have many special guests who will share why they are excited about the book and the impact they believe it will have. Here are four key endorsements from 20 amazing people who have endorsed the new book on JESUS!!

Wendy Francis, National Political Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, wrote:

“Through personal stories and Biblical narrative, Marsh and Mahlburg’s unwavering commitment to declare the beauty and magnificence of Jesus Christ is evident in every page and accompanying study notes.

“This book forces us to look again at Jesus with fresh eyes and a hopeful heart.”

Kym Farnik, Executive Member of Australia Prays, put the significance of the book like this:

“What an amazing book, so much in such a readable and easily understood form. From the starting chapter ‘Jesus, Messiah of Israel’ to the last ‘Jesus, Coming King’, an aspect of Jesus is simply but powerfully expounded.

“I would expect both Christians and seeking non-Christians would really get a significant and deeper understanding of the full character and nature of our Lord Jesus. Lifting up Jesus is the number one thing we can do to see people come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Jesus: The Centre of it All is going to be used as a powerful tool for one-on-one witness and evangelism.”

“I found the chapter ‘Jesus, Radical Revolutionary’ particularly challenging in that we are also called to be radicals for God in our daily walk with Him.”

“Please get as many copies as you can and give them to as many people as you can. Each reader will be impacted greatly by this wonderful book.”

Cindy McGarvieYouth for Christ‘s National Director Cindy McGarvie expressed her excitement at the book’s ability to clearly explain the biblical storyline with these words:

“As I read this book, my reaction can be best articulated using the sentiments expressed by the followers of Christ on the road to Emmaus: ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?’ Warwick and Kurt’s discussions about Christ and their expounding of Scripture fanned the flame of faith in my heart. I loved their raw personal stories too!”

And finally, Patrick J Byrne, former National President of the National Civic Council, wrote about the book’s engaging stories that draw the reader in:

“Warwick and Kurt have created a book that is made engaging with personal and missionary stories that draw the reader towards the one born of the Virgin, the God-Man, the willing lamb whose sacrifice washes away sins, the one true Christ who is the saviour of the world.

“It is peppered with Christian heroes, saints, and sinners. It has moments of warmth, times of endured suffering in darkness and abandonment, and occasions of faith bathed in the light of the divine.

“The book helps shape the heart and mind to the true spiritual path in a world searching for meaning and salvation.”

Join Us This Monday Night (20 November)!

We look forward to seeing you this Monday night to hear from our special guests and celebrate what will be a wonderful evangelistic and discipleship tool!

We want the book to make a huge impact. As a result, we will be giving the book away – but you can make a donation to cover the cost of printing if you wish.

We will be taking the first orders of Jesus: The Centre of It All on Monday night, so please come along and be one of the first to receive your copy (or copies) when the book is released in early December. It’s being released just in time to use it as a stocking stuffer! A great gift for friends and family!

INVITE: Pre-Launch of JESUS, the Centre of it All
DATE: Monday 20 November 2023
TIME: 8 PM (AEDT), 7:30 PM (SA), 7 PM (QLD), 6:30 PM (NT), 5 PM (WA).
ZOOM Number: 776881184

Yours for the centrality of Jesus in all things (Col 1:13),

Samuel Hartwich

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