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Biden’s LGBTQ+ Safetyism Proposal Potentially Bans Christians from Adopting or Foster Parenting

15 December 2023

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Biden-Harris proposals before the United States Senate could exclude Christians from adoption and foster parenting.

Packaged as a ‘landmark’ advancement of ‘equity in the child welfare system’, point two of the three-pillar 27 September legislation forces foster homes to affirm LGBTQ+ ideology.

Biden’s new rules – which back a 2022 “advancing LGBTQ+ equality” executive order – set in place a vetting system with the goal of “protecting [youth who identify as] LGBTQI+ in foster care from abuse and mistreatment and ensure they have the services they need to thrive.”

Biden LGBTQ+ adoption or foster-parenting

Abuse and mistreatment are considered to be anything that does not affirm, encourage, advance, advertise, or align itself with PRIDE (a fact proven by the growing LGBTQ weaponisation of legislation and the high profile Wokification of Disney. See here and here.)

“Safe Spaces”

The new law will require every state’s child welfare agency to ‘ensure that [children who identify as] LGBTQI+ in their care are placed in foster homes where their sexual orientation or gender identity will be safeguarded.

Potential parents of orphans or foster children will have to agree to create an approved LGBTQ+ “safe space”.

Extensive LGBTQ+ sensitivity “training” [read: re-programming] will also be mandatory.

Reasons stated for the new rules are alleged “profound disparities in the foster care system”, which, Biden-Harris assert, is harming children with an LGBTQ+ identity.

They then argued that “family rejection and abuse” made those kids an “overrepresented group in foster care, where they face poor outcomes, mistreatment and discrimination.”

No examples nor evidence were given in the official brief to support those claims.


The American Family Association rejected the LGBTQ protection proposals as “directly targeting Christians.”

The PRIDE elements attached to the proposed “Safe and Appropriate Foster Care Placement Requirements” put foster parents in the difficult position of having to abide by the “child’s” will, such as using their preferred pronouns and choice of name.

As well as “allow the child to dress in an age-appropriate manner that the child believes reflects their self-identified gender identity and expression.”

“If Biden’s rule goes into effect, thousands of Christian couples wishing to serve as foster parents will become ineligible because of their religious faith,” the AFA explained.

Put simply, they’re not Woke enough.

According to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), this is already happening.

“Some state officials are imposing an ideological litmus test to determine who is ‘qualified’ to parent a child,” wrote Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse.

Examples include New Jersey State officials removing a foster child from Michael and Jennifer Lasche over their Christian views about family, marriage, and sexuality.

ADF provided another instance, citing Washington State denying a Seventh-Day Adventist couple the right to adopt their great-granddaughter.

“When the couple explained that their faith did not allow them to use preferred pronouns or take a child for hormone treatments, Washington state officials labelled them unfit to adopt.”

The LGBTQ+ overreach includes attacks on adoption family services, which only place children in homes where the mother and father are married, ADF added.

Thankfully, each case found vindication in court, with one federal judge stating,

“A foster care applicant’s answers to LGBTQ+ hypotheticals cannot serve as the sole determining factor when an applicant expresses sincerely held religious beliefs.”

The state, he ruled, “must not discriminate against a foster care applicant based on their creed.”


It’s easy to see how even non-Christian households will be affected by the White House’s LGBTQ+ provisions.

  1. Biden’s LGBT law would force carers to lie to kids about basic biological facts.
  2. The law would create an imbalance of power in the parent-child relationship, with the carer being dictated to by the child.
  3. Would-be carers would be forced to speak, think, and act according to an LGBTQ+ newspeak.
  4. Children could denounce their parents as “child abusers” for “misgendering”, or simply affirming man-for-woman, woman-for-man traditional marriage.
  5. The state could remove a child if a parent opposed that child being exposed to PRIDE propaganda, or being mutilated by way of “medical transitioning”.

In praxis, Biden’s dysfunctional law would make the child the sole authority in the parent-child relationship.

As such, this shouldn’t just be rejected on constitutional grounds.

The Biden-Harris forced-speech attachment to foster parenting should also be rejected for its betrayal of basic parenting principles.


Originally published at Caldron Pool. Photo by Igor Alves.

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