Iconic WW2 Time Square Photos Reinstated, After Virtue-Signalling VA Ban Backfires

14 March 2024

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Woke bureaucrats have egg on their faces after a safetyism stunt spectacularly backfired.

The Undersecretary for Veterans’ Affairs in the United States banned iconic World War II Times Square photographs, because they allegedly made some staff feel uncomfortable.

RimaAnn Nelson signed off on the Feb. 29 official memorandum citing “outdated values, inclusivity, and awareness.”

Nelson’s melodramatic demand for immediate action was meted out through seven points, to which the VA undersecretary added, “co-operation was vital.”

The edict read:

“Please ensure that these photographs are promptly removed and facilities explore suitable replacements.”

“Facilities should seek alternative photographs that capture the spirit of victory and peace.”

This should be content that won’t compromise “the VA’s commitment to a safe and respectful environment.”

Instead of the Times Square epoch-defining moment, Nelson wanted content reflecting today’s spirit of the age.

Sinister Motive?

As Nelson’s own words suggest, for her, the photos of a young male sailor kissing a young female nurse do not celebrate victory over Japan; they celebrate sexual harassment.

The edict, she said, was “prompted by the recognition that the photograph… is inconsistent with the VA’s zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and assault.”

Historical context be damned.

“Recent discussions,” Nelson argued, “have highlighted concerns about the non-consensual nature of the kiss, prompting debates on consent and the appropriateness of celebrating such images in today’s environment.”

End Wokeness, a counter-cultural X account with 2.3 million followers, leaked the memorandum.

They were then speedily slapped with a fake news rating from Leftwing fact-checkers Snopes.

What happened next illustrates the internal damage being caused by  Biden’s unstable Woke administration.

Discrediting Snopes, the Military Times validated the memorandum.

Adding further embarrassment, Nelson’s boss, Veteran Affairs Secretary Dennis McDonough, publicly rescinded the edict on X, stating,

According to NYPost via the Associated Press, McDonough allegedly found out about Nelson’s VA demands online.

Apparently, the VA boss was only made aware of Nelson’s edict through End Wokeness leaking the memorandum.

AP, quoting two officials ‘familiar with the memo’, confirmed that McDonough had never given his green light to the memo.

Even Biden’s press secretary was quick to throw the VA Undersecretary under the bus.

Karine Jean-Pierre said Nelson’s “memo was not sanctioned.”

“It’s not something that we were even aware of.”


For Snopes, it’s complicated.

Running defence, seemingly in order to save face, they’ve added: Nelson’s ‘memorandum is real, but its distribution was made in error.’

In true Woke double-speak, this means: the memo is false, but it’s not.

Responses were reasonable.

Chaya from Libs of Tik Tok asked, ‘How does banning this image promote “inclusivity”?’

An X commentator quipped, ‘Forget providing quality care to veterans; let’s ban iconic photos for no reason instead.’

One replied, ‘If it were a transgender kissing a drag queen, they would mandate it be front and centre in all department facilities.’

Another tuned-in X comment went straight to the heart of the matter,

‘Statues, monuments, photos, removed. History being rewritten. Names changed.’

‘The Dems are attempting to remake America. The Dems are in complete decimation mode. America will be completely unrecognizable if they are given another 4 years.’

‘I sound alarmist. But we [Americans] must vote correct this time.’

I don’t disagree.

To borrow from Ludwig Mises’ ‘Planned Chaos’, Nelson isn’t a “useful idiot”.

She’s not even an example of Hannah Arendt’s ‘banality of evil’.

Nelson’s not a victim of wokeism — intimidated into goosestepping with the garrison.

The Veteran Affairs undersecretary wasn’t ‘just following orders.’

She was issuing them.

Worse. As was asserted by the White House, Nelson apparently banned the photographs without official approval from Joe Biden, or her boss.

The VA virtue-signalling undersecretary went full Woke Jihad vigilante.

This embarrassing example of presumptuousness was also an example of mid-level public officials overstepping the bounds of authority.

More to the point, perhaps, is how her safetyism stunt further indicates the potent influence Maoist militancy is having on Western bureaucracy.

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  1. Warwick Marsh 14 March 2024 at 1:12 pm - Reply

    Great article bro!!!

  2. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 18 March 2024 at 2:46 am - Reply

    I have had enough of this WOKE rubbish which promotes Drag Queens reading to very young children and criminal action for leaving tyre marks on Gay Foot Crossings ! Has half the World gone CRAZY to put up with this RUBBISH ? Are we being forced to live in Alice’s Wonderland where nothing is normal ? Let’s ridicule them and put an end to this dictatorship and vote them out !

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