Woke Jesus

The Babylon Bee’s Latest Crack at the Woke Jesus Goes Viral

17 May 2024

2.1 MINS

Woke Jesus is The Babylon Bee’s latest satirical crack at the Woke antichrist.

The five-minute short film was released without apology last week, and it went viral with a bang.

Since then, it’s been viewed on X over 2.8 million times and received 806,000 hits on YouTube.

Bringing together the voice acting talent of former Purpose Church pastor Jarret LeMaster and podcast regular Brian Habicht, the Bee did not disappoint.

LeMaster, no noob when it comes to quality Christian cinema, delivers a pointed comical take on Father, Son & Karl Marx.

Animating the Intersectionality saviour, Woke Jesus goes all out.

Like a parody of The Chosen, The Bee’s Woke Jesus tells his followers to “turn the other cheek. Unless they’re a Republican.”

“Then you can feel free to punch them in the face.

“You have heard it said,” the skit continues, “hate your enemies, but I say to you, this is correct.

“Here’s a handy little chart of who your enemy is, based on Marxist intersectionality theory.”


Masterfully, the script’s brevity aspires to accentuate the soul of wit.

The rich young ruler is replaced by an Anglo-European, who asks Woke Jesus, “What must I do to be saved?”

“Be less white,” the smug Marxist messiah orders.

But, the “man went away sad, for he was very white.”

In another skit, Woke Jesus asserts:

“No one comes to the father except by reducing their carbon footprint, and getting vaccinated 12 times, like me.”

This is comedy with clout.


Predictably, not everyone is a fan.

Hate came in the form of: “blasphemy isn’t funny,” to “I’d be careful changing the words of Christ, even in jest.”

For some, being confronted with how Marxism is defacing Christianity, cut too close to the bone: “This is not humour, it’s disgusting,” one X user wrote.

Another said, “Sorry, guys. Really loved you until this one. Had to unfollow, I draw the line on sacrilegious material. Hope you get your act together.”

Most viewers seemed to get it.

Woke Jesus is funny because it’s true.

The script is true because this is what those doing violence to the Biblical accounts, in reimagining Jesus Christ as Karl Marx, do.

What remains is a Woke, and therefore, weak and wimpy Christianity, untethered from God’s fiery and fierce revelation in Jesus the Christ.

Piquant vs milquetoast

The best thing about The Babylon Bee’s latest venture into the world of wobbly Wokeshevism is that it communicates healthy cynicism.

There should be joy in having no tolerance for the feminising of “Jesus into a progressive liberal.”

There should be no compromise with the consequential watering down of the Gospel into an “ethic of niceness.”

There’s also a serious side to this brilliant, cynical comedy.

What the Double B has delivered here is a critique of Wokeshevist revisionism turning Karl Marx into the Messiah.

As I’ve explained before, the problem with this is Social Justice Warriors are the brethren of Iscariot, not Christ.

Put simply:

If your Christianity is Karl Marx-centric, it’s not Christianity.

If your idea of Christian liberation is Karl Marx-centric, it’s not a Christian theology of liberation.


Republished with thanks to Caldron Pool.

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  1. Liz Carter 23 May 2024 at 1:52 pm - Reply

    It’s a very clever skit, calling out some of the thinking present in the world, and also within the church. I didn’t find it offensive, but challenging and thought provoking. I love what Babylon Bee does – drawing attention to the ridiculous things happening around us and giving pause for thought.

  2. Pearl Miller 10 June 2024 at 8:31 am - Reply

    Brilliant! Much appreciated! I need to send this to lots of people who need this clarification!

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