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Turning Activists into Prophets: Why the Climate Change Religion is Dangerously Authoritarian

22 May 2024

4.2 MINS

Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker are leaders in bringing Christ out of the museum, and into a critique of contemporary culture.

Harrison’s 2012 Just Thinking blog birthed the Just Thinking Podcast (JT) somewhere between 2016 and 2018.

The first episode popped up in December 2017.

Since then, the sharp-minded, academically rigorous duo haven’t looked back.

I was a late reader of Harrison’s blog and an early listener of JT.

Technological privileges have since afforded me the ability to drop by from time to time, to tune in and “turn pages.”

Impressed, I wrote about their offering of fearless, sober-minded insights into Black Lives Matter Inc. and Critical Race Theory here, and here.

As the message matures, the Just Thinking Podcast continues to feed 2.5-3 hours of fact-based Christian realism to thousands.

I’m one of them.

I’ve even leaned on JT a little to teach my homeschooled kids:

  1. Episodes 19 & 20: There is scientific basis for race (Mar 23, 2018)
  2. Episode 45: Social Justice & the Gospel (Sept. 2018)
  3. Episode 57: Religion of LGBT (Dec. 2018)
  4. Episode 67: “Whiteness” (Apr. 2019)
  5. Episode 102: Black Lives Matter? (Aug. 2020)
  6. Episode 107: Skillet frontman roundtable (Jan. 2021)
  7. Episode108: CRT (Feb. 2021)

Despite the hours Harrison and Walker put in, the quality of the critique does not wane.

They’re well-read, prayed-up, and well-prepared.

Climate Alarmism

To demonstrate this, in July 2023, the podcast hosts brought JT to bear against climate catastrophism.

Episode 124, A Biblical Theology of Climate Change castigates Climate Change as another manifestation of the war between natural theology and God’s self-revealing in Covenant, and Christ.

In sum, “the religion of climate change” is a return to neo-paganism.

This is, they said, pantheistic Gaian worship confusing creature for Creator.

Ultimately, “Climate change – as a worldview – is rooted in a denial of God’s existence.

“I found,” declared Harrison, “climate change to be one of, if not the most insidious devices that Satan has ever employed.”

‘Climate Change’ as a worldview, is linked to philosophical naturalism, or Darwinian evolution.

It is a science gone awry.

Digging into the history, defining terms, and acquiring context, Harrison said that there’s no clear definition of Climate Change.

“The reason terms like ‘Climate Change’ keep evolving is because the definition of the term keeps evolving.

“The definition keeps evolving because the narrative keeps evolving. The narrative keeps evolving because the agenda keeps evolving.”


Later, Harrison warns, “There is an entire worldview that undergirds and vivifies the climate change movement and agenda.

“The Church needs not stop being so naive about the fact that Darwinism and naturalism” are fundamental to this movement.

For Walker, this indicates a clear denial of God’s sovereignty over creation. This denial is at the core of the Climate catastrophising cult.

“It was God who created the universe. Would He be caught off-guard by climate change?

“It’s not like, OK, the climate is changing. Oh no, what do I do now?”

We have to make light of the catastrophising in light of God’s sovereignty, he added.

The whole debate must begin with God, and not, they both warned, with the logical fallacy of arguing from silence.

That the Bible doesn’t say anything about climate change doesn’t make scripture redundant.

Christians who argue the latter run the risk of turning people like Greta Thunberg into prophets, speaking a “special word” from God on the matter.

They “act as if Greta has some biblical authority by which to stand on,” Walker argued.

“Now all kinds of policies need to be changed in an effort to accommodate or pacify her outrage.”

Emphasising the danger of policy initiatives answering activist outrage, Walker brought up Al Gore.

“The vast majority of his 2006 ‘Inconvenient Truth’ alarmist predictions have been blown out of the water.”

Hence, they conclude, “Climate change policy prescriptions are tyrannical solutions looking for a problem.”


Further connecting climate change with the pervasive influence of paganism, the JT hosts took apart the 2015 Pagan Community Statement on the Environment.

Paganism, Harrison states, isn’t just a fringe supporter; it is “absolutely fundamental to the climate change movement’s worldview.”

This is idolatrous Gaianism, and it “makes climate change a religion.”

The “ecocentric spiritual” belief that the Earth is all.

God and His created order are rejected and replaced with a self-serving spiritualism.

“The church is so gullible,” Harrison stated.

They’ve picked up the term “climate change” and just started using it.

Consequently, many are falling for the heresies behind it.

It’s a rehashing of the “say her name” genuflecting to Black Lives Matter Marxists, and the “love is love” LGBTQ+.

This, he said, illustrates, that “the biggest threat to the church today is biblical illiteracy.”

“Climate change is a ruse.”

Climate change has nothing to do with “stewardship”. It’s about pagan worship.

“Stewardship,” Harrison and Walker argued, is commonsense creation care.


For now, activists are sacrificing cows. They’re working on sacrificing the “natural human condition requirements for eating,” and regressing society back into the stone age.

We’re not far, JT’s hosts said, from sacrificing humans.

This is because “mass starvation and abortion” are all “good” for the climate – and what’s good for the climate, is good for Gaia.

One of the “pillars of climate change is depopulation,” a reason why the worldview is also pro-abortion.

The “new anti-humanism is inevitably anti-child.

“New life is a problem; a drain on the earth, and on the parents’ resources,”

Thus, “the climate religion is demonic,” Harrison and Walker concluded.

I agree.

Just like COVID totalitarianism, the science is heavily politicised.

The narrative is carefully manufactured, and protected. All dissenting viewpoints are discarded, and its people suppressed.

In this sense, climate catastrophism is not only demonic, it’s dangerously authoritarian.

You can listen to the entire podcast and others on Spotify or Apple here.


Republished with thanks to Caldron Pool. Image courtesy of Centre for Ageing Better.

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  1. Kim Beazley 22 May 2024 at 8:34 am - Reply

    Thank you, Rod, for bringing these issues to our attention.

    “…climate catastrophism is not only demonic, it’s dangerously authoritarian.”

    That’s two of Satan’s strategies in these end times, all of them focused on upending and reversing every aspect of the Creation. The mention of race is another, as is the attack on sex and sexuality. And so this is a true wake up call for us as Christians to become informed, not only in relation to the flawed reasoning behind terms like “climate crisis”, but the dark spiritual aspects which are the root of that tree.

    For a Christian response, there is a group called “Cornwall Alliance”. Their “Landmark Documents” page is a great place to find out about them:

  2. Kathy Gasper 22 May 2024 at 10:01 am - Reply

    Thank you Rod for being us this excellent article and associated links. I remember maybe 15 years ago saying to my sister that climate change would used by the devil I just couldn’t see how. I could not have imagined how powerful, insidious and hate filled this movement has become. Satan is far more devious and powerful than many Christians realise, and it is only in recent years that I have come to understand this. Praise His Great and Glorious Name that Jesus is King and Lord over all the earth so I don’t need to fear.

  3. Pauline Tondl 22 May 2024 at 11:42 am - Reply

    Thank you Rod for such a helpful article, its great to receive clear pointers to places where TRUTH is told and upheld.

    How good is our living God !
    He has warned us ahead of time, in His Word, to trust Him completely.
    He has raised up, and continues to raise up, His spokespersons who alert those with ears to hear, of what we must be wise about.
    He has even equipped us by His Spirit to be discerning when testing the spirits, so we can discern what is good and cling to it.
    My social network will be receiving this very helpful article. Thanks again.

  4. Trevor Smith 22 May 2024 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    Hi Rod, your statement “that the bible doesn’t say anything about climate change doesn’t make scripture redundant” isn’t quite true. It seems that everybody misses the statement by God in Genesis 8:22 “As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease”. This to me is the most powerful statement against climate change catastrophism. We have a God in total control of the climate.

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