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‘Pandemic’ Policing Was Political: Fauci Admits COVID Rules Were Manufactured

6 June 2024

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“Pandemic” policing was policy written on a whim.

That’s the gritty gist of damning revelations released by the United States COVID Select Subcommittee made public on Friday.

The 31 May press release contained direct quotes from COVID-Safe Czar, Anthony Fauci, and contains 144 “I don’t recalls” throughout its 473 pages.

Fauci’s remarks were transcribed from his 14-hour, two-day testimony before the committee in January.

Answering accountability questions, Fauci told the committee that he didn’t “recall” discussions about the science for social distancing, or forcing kids to wear masks.

When asked about where the rule for social distancing came from, Fauci said, “I don’t recall. It sort of just appeared.

“I was not aware of studies” supporting a “six feet rule”, he added.

“That, in fact, would be a very difficult study to do.”

When asked about masks, Fauci again said he “didn’t recall”, stating that he couldn’t remember “reviewing any studies or data supporting” the science behind forcing kids to wear masks.

Defending decisions to enforce the public health order on kids, Fauci said that there are a “lot of conflicting studies.”

Shrugging off concerns, he said that nobody knows whether mask mandates for kids are harmful or helpful.

When asked whether he supported the Trump administration’s travel ban on China, the UK, and the EU, Fauci answered, “fundamentally, I agreed at that time, since we had almost no infections that we knew of in our country, that at least a temporary restriction would be important.”

This line of questioning was abruptly cut off by the Biden administration’s legal representative, Joe Biden’s special assistant, Kevin Barstow.

Wrong Priorities

On ‘no jab, no job’ mandates, there was no remorse.

Like a tone-deaf politician, Fauci appeared more concerned about optics than adverse effects.

He told the committee he wanted the effects of vaccine mandates studied, as opposed to studying the effects of the vaccines.

“You know, after-the-game, after-the-event evaluation of things that need to be done.

“Does the mandating of vaccines [explain?] the way the country’s mental framework is right now?

“Does that actually cause more people to not want to get vaccinated, or not?”

Fauci then defended the mandates, stating,

“Forget all the political stuff, and forget COVID, and go back.

“The idea of mandating vaccines for children in school was something that was easily and widely accepted.”

Now, those widely accepted mandates are being questioned, he added.

Fauci then implied he wasn’t completely on board with vaccine mandates, stating,

“We need to question whether or not mandating — with all the positive aspects of controlling an outbreak, which it does — whether or not that’s something that you need to relook at. I – anyway.”

While Fauci didn’t rule out COVID being manufactured in a lab, he prefers the ‘magical’ “product of evolution” option.

Massive Ploy

Fauci’s answers further confirm what many of us already suspected: the “pandemic” was inherently political.

Not only did the virus appear in a U.S. election year, thus giving an advantage to the Democrat Party; the virus gave the Chinese Communist Party an excuse to end Hong Kong’s pro-democracy uprising without using the military.

COVID was more a ‘pandemic’ of political convenience than a plausible evolutionary “coincidence.”

See Rand Paul’s recent comments on the cover-up:

As the COVID select sub-committee’s findings suggest: to justify COVID overreach, unelected bureaucrats were deliberately loose with the truth.

The term “COVID expert” was about as suspect as Joe Biden’s ‘miraculous’ 2020 midnight voter surge.

The man who said, “to criticise me, is to criticise science,” says there was no science involved in social distancing, and mask mandates being forced onto kids.

Fauci’s answers not only validate critics of pandemic policing; they summarise the arbitrary nature of the “Fauci ouchie” COVID cult that many deny they served or deny they’re still blindly serving.

As I wrote in May 2020, there were always two sides to COVID:

The actual crisis, and the crisis manufactured by bureaucrats for the cameras.

This fact was proven, the moment “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into totalitarianism.

Fauci’s admissions, omissions, and Biden administration deletions give even greater cause for compassion towards the victims of ‘pandemic’ policing.

Such as the 3,628 children fined in New South Wales for breaching Public Health Orders, that the current Labor Government refuses to forgive.


Republished with thanks to Caldron Pool.

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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 6 June 2024 at 1:16 pm - Reply

    Journalist Naomi Wolf ‘s book “”Facing the Beast–Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age “exposes the biggest Crime in the history of the world, ie the Covid Fraud to damage irrepairably fertility in the Wetern World.
    It was the brain -child of the Oligarchs and a very lucrative deal between Biden and Pfizer and BioNTech, ie with the govt. of Communist China.
    According to Naomi at page 107” millions of dollars changing hands from high level CCP -connected executives, to members of the Biden family”to promote it. Pages 107 +108 she refers to “The Washington Post “which refers to Hunter Biden’s alleged other lucrative dealings with China.
    It is now proved that Pfizer did only one experiment on 8 rats before the Covid vaccine was released and made mandatory. It is , also, proved that as soon as young girls were vaccinated they began menustration, sometimes twice a month, in other cases bleeding continuously. Birth rates went down, spontaneous abortions occurred, etc.—read the book ! What we are left with are permanently damaged boys and girls who may now never become parents . It is proven that the technology has the ability to enter and alter all cells in the body. People like me are now damaged with bizarre symptoms.It is obvious that the Media was paid to promote it—no investigative journalists investigated it in Australia, but, led us to the “slaughter “.
    Biden, Fauci, the Gates, the executives of Pfizer, the Chinese govt, the Australian doctors who promoted it in the media should be held guilty of the biggest Crime against Humanity in history and punished accordingly ! It beats anything Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot ever did !

  2. Gail Petherick 6 June 2024 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this incredibly revealing article Rod and findings that demonstrate guilt and betrayal by leaders in the USA who sought to join up with China in manufacturing a deadly virus. The fact that the Pfizer vaccine was only trialed on only 8 rats for a very short time (with adverse consequences on the rats) says it all. What a hoax.
    There was no scientific control group or long term testing first and yet it was promoted as ‘safe’ and mandatory. (When the original Pfizer and Moderna were withdrawn from the USA market by the FDA Sept 2023 the rest of the world heard nothing about it…there as a strange quiet and no admission of guilt -just withdrawal of the product (we know now much harm was caused but it was expedient to say nothing).
    As COVID hit in late 2019 there was an ensuring world wide crisis, trauma and changes that led to the mandated vaccines, lockdowns, travel restrictions, fines, centralized Govt decision making, home schooling, loss of jobs or restricted work from home, decline of the economy, no freedom of speech or choices so that loved ones who were dying in hospital or nursing homes could not be visited. Plus social distancing, ‘no jab no job,’ then masks and social distancing, quarantine, police action, media hype daily and an atmosphere of fear .
    While all that went on nurses and doctors were totally overloaded with work and those who saw the effects of the vaccine and didn’t want to take it had to leave their work place. A gag was placed on all medical staff so no one was allowed to speak about any side effects they had seen, sudden deaths or the lack of treatment- since medication that had worked to save lives like Ivermectin were banned on the spot by TGA (Why? because Ivermectin w would have saved lives but also would have stood as a competitor to the vaccine- so suddenly after all the years of Ivermectin being a medication that helped with SARS and other viruses, it was suddenly a drug of ill repute and banned totally. Doctors lost their registration if they dared use it, too).
    The world quickly divided into the vaxxed and un-vaxxed- the doubters of the Govt verses those who totally believed the Govt and media who said all must conform and have the vaccine (in order to stop spreading COVID and to stop transmission. NOTABLY, later it was found out that having the vaccine didn’t stop the spread of COVID to others…The scientists had just said that to make it sound effective and to appeal to people’s conscience)
    The next step was for the WHO and world advisers (China and USA especially) to ‘go after’ the children and to mandate vaccines for them- even though it is known that a child’s immune system is the best way to combat a virus and rest, hydration, Vit D and C help fight COVID, and other natural treatments like sunshine ill the virus. (Dr John Campell thankfully was able to go on line to help the public find out these treatments)…as you have shown above Rod, the ‘scientists’ wanted to reduce fertility and to change the DNA of the young and old. if they could ‘work on’ the genetics of the young, then they could control child birth statistics and also introduce defects.
    Sadly many mothers had miscarriages during the COVID years as it became a documented side effect of the vaccine so that was another way to reduce birth.
    Few people would ever think that globalists wanted to depopulate the world or to reduce birth rates but some went on to find out this was the outcome and it was intended by certain ones who designed the pandemic and its outcomes.
    One other very sad outcome was that graphene oxide was used to open every cell in the human body so the vaccine to get into those cells to change the DNA . Again this remains inconceivable to a trusting public but as time went on more damage and illness, and deaths eventuated and when the ‘experts’ like Dr Fauci have been questioned and asked to give an account, more has been was revealed.
    I have not read the book which Countess Antonia has mentioned- Naomi Wolf ‘s book ‘Facing the Beast–Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age’ but believe the subtitle that says it ‘exposes the biggest Crime in the history of the world’ or one of the biggest (Hillter’s rise to power and targeting of the Jews, using propaganda, surveillance on all citizens, using scientific experiments on Jews of all ages, and transporting millions to their death on trains to extermination camps was perhaps a forerunner- but it was targeted against one race, whereas COVID was aiming at the world population.
    In reality, it was enhancing the power of an elite group of several governments who decided to use biological weapons on the world in general while WHO (supposedly ‘health specialists’ (really Globalists) and ‘so called’ scientists, Big Pharma’ companies with many investors (including Dr Fauci who invested), technology experts and economists banded together to decide how the COVID epidemic should play out)
    I studied ‘What really happened at Wuhan’ by Shari Markson (a book I recommend) and that revealed the way Chian and the USA worked together on the COVID virus at Wuhan (they ousted Mexico who was an earlier partner with China). It is so well researched and had interviews with those on the ground who gave evidence but who must remain quiet or live in another country. It explains so much that occurred literally behind the scenes.
    One of the saddest facts was that Chinese doctors working at Wuhan were not allowed to speak out and when one brave doctor did speak and became a whistle blower he died soon after. Those who dared to speak out were threatened or dealt with
    May many look back on what happened and study the sources where it was researched and awaken to what has really taken place. It is still happening of course and the children remain a primary target for those who wish to change the human genetic make up and who wish to do harm to the young.
    May many more people seek the truth about what happened and re evaluate the evidence at hand. Thank you Rod for all you have researched and made public.
    I weep for those effected by COVID or the vaccine but also pray God heals and helps many recover. So many people took the vaccine in good will. It’s the ones who knew the damage that would be done who will be accountable to God. May their eyes be opened.

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