Camilla Diann

Camilla Diann is a writer and poet. She has produced Poems of Purpose, a collection of Christian-themed bookmarks which have raised thousands of dollars in proceeds for missions projects. Camilla has also written Thoughts of Everyday, a book covering a range of everyday subjects common to humanity. She is passionate about writing from the heart in order to speak to the hearts of her readers and bring glory to God. To order a book, you can contact Camilla at camilla.hubbard[at]

Articles by Camilla Diann:

  • 18 September 2020

    3.9 MINS

    New Year’s Eve 2000 was celebrated on the Sydney Harbour Bridge by recognition of Arthur Stace’s Christian message, repeatedly chalked on Sydney streets over many years. My daughter asked: "Why that word -- 'Eternity'?" I typed up the history, as she wished to place it [...]

  • 25 April 2020

    0.5 MINS

    Silent tears well in my saddened eyes As the men and their memories march, They are old and grey, but world-war wise Their demeanour stiffened as starch. The lump in my throat tries to comprehend The perils they faced and fought, The calls of justice [...]

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