On “Conversion” Therapy and Rainbow Big Brother

4 December 2019

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More coercive utopian governments pushing radical agendas and crushing our freedoms:

I did a radio interview on Friday morning on how the dictatorial Dan Andrews’ government in Victoria is seeking to outlaw “conversion therapy,” and I said that the other Australian states would quickly follow suit. Well, it did not take long at all for my “prophecy” to come to pass.

Now the Queensland government has announced that it wants to do the exact same thing. As one news outlet said:

Practices intended to change or suppress someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity will be outlawed in Queensland. Gay conversion therapies will be made illegal and health practitioners caught carrying them out will face fines and time behind bars under a new law. The practices are immoral, unethical and have long been discredited by the medical sector, Health Minister Steven Miles said.

“I strongly oppose any suggestion that being LGBTIQ is a disorder that requires medical treatment,” he said. Such therapies include giving electric shocks or nausea-inducing drugs while showing a person a picture of someone of the same sex, regression or hypnotherapy, and counselling that encourages someone to distinguish their private and public sexual feelings or identity.

“It’s not a legitimate health therapy … This is an appalling practice that has no place in modern society, let alone Queensland’s health system,” Mr Miles said. “It does nothing but cause harm and devastation to vulnerable members of the community who need and deserve our support and respect.”

The bill will not prohibit treatments or practices that help individuals to express their identity or those going through or considering a gender transition, provide acceptance and support to those people, or facilitate someone’s identity exploration and development.

Good grief. What a load of PC doubletalk and codswallop. No one is advocating shock therapy and the like. What a furphy. This is about one thing only: offering counsel to those who are seeking it – end of story. But these guys want to take such choice away. So let me see if I got this straight:

  • A person unhappy with his same-sex attractions CANNOT get the help he is desperately seeking, and CANNOT choose that path.
  • A person unhappy with his actual sex and wants to ‘convert’ has the full blessing of this government to make such choices.

What utter buffoons and leftist loons we have running our governments nowadays! How have our leaders and movers and shakers descended so rapidly into this moral cesspool and intellectual backwater? How in the world is it a good thing to deny struggling people choice, but to feed the delusions of mentally and psychologically struggling people?

As I put it in my submission to the Victorian inquiry on this:

Questions about choice
– Why does this government believe that choice is paramount in so many other areas, eg., the right of a woman to choose to kill her own baby in her womb, or the right of kids to choose to change their sex simply because they feel like it, but not here?
– Why are those who are unhappy with their same-sex attractions and want help and counsel being denied that same sort of choice by this government?
– Why does this government want to trap people in unwanted conditions and deny them the help and possible therapy they so very much want?
– Please tell us why this government seems hellbent on taking away choice for those who desperately want choice in this area.

Questions about sexuality
– Why does this government insist that a homosexual is born the way he is and can never change, even though there are countless ex-homosexuals who exist who give lie to this myth?
– Why does this government also insist at the same time (through its promotion of the harmful “Safe” Schools programs, etc), that people can be born male or female, yet their natal sex is fluid and simply a social construct that can be changed at will – even by children?
– Why is one aspect of human sexuality totally immutable and unchangeable, yet this other area of human sexuality totally mutable and changeable?
– Why all the obvious contradictions and double standards here?
– Why does this government seem more intent on running with radical political ideology than with science, biology and reality?

Questions about freedom
– Why this war on freedom – religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and the rights of self-determination, to name but a few basic freedoms?
– Why is this government wanting to harass and go after those who offer real help and support to those who very much want and need such help?
– Why this determined effort to destroy wonderful and proven counselling works and services, just to fit in a radical activist agenda?
– Will the Andrews’ government soon outlaw all related counsel, sermons, pastoral work and even prayer as it pushes radical secular left policies that are hostile to religion, to family, and to freedom?

See more on this here.

And the pejorative term “conversion” is a lot of baloney anyway. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. We are simply saying that if a person is pleading for help and counsel on unwanted same-sex attractions, he or she should be able to get it, and not be robbed of that choice.

But our tyrannical governments are now so utterly in bed with the militant activists, that they have declared war on freedom, and war on those offering much-needed and much-wanted help. People who want to “convert” from one sex to another (something that is physically impossible) are fully supported and assisted by governments, but those who want freedom in other areas are denied it.

The rainbow and trans fascists have already won. Governments are now doing their every bidding. This is the end of choice. This is the end of freedom. This is the end of tolerance. This is the end of diversity. Now the coercive state demands complete uniformity and conformity. All those who dare to resist WILL be punished.

Yet the activists and the rainbow State are fully in favour of conversion. They want to convert everyone to their radical secular left worldview and ideology. They are seeking to convert ordinary citizens all the time. Everyone is in the conversion game.

Someone on the social media had shared an earlier post of mine on conversion therapy, and one critic made the comment that no other behaviours involve such therapy. He of course is dead wrong. What do you think is being attempted when we seek to help a drug addict get free of his addiction? We are trying to convert him to a better, safer lifestyle.

The same when people seek help for alcoholism, or gambling addictions, or pornography addictions. All the help and counselling being offered involves conversion – converting bad behaviours, habits and lifestyles into good ones, into healthy ones.

Sorry, Health Minister Miles, but what is immoral and unethical here is your blatant war on choice and on religion. That is the hallmark of totalitarian regimes, not free democracies. I urge all Queenslanders to write to this coercive utopian and tell him you will NOT be bullied and treated like second-class citizens. Please be polite yet firm:

Ministerial Office
1 William Street

Ministerial Office Postal Address
PO Box 48

Phone: (07) 3035 6100
Email: health@ministerial.qld.gov.au

We must say ‘no’ to the alphabet dictatorship – now!


Originally published at CultureWatch.
Photo by Barcelos_fotos from Pexels.

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