Prayer for Our Nation in the Firestorm

6 January 2020


We don’t deserve Your grace and mercy Lord, but we thank You that because of Your great love, we are not consumed.

We are conscious of the magnitude of the sin we as a nation have committed, and are committing before You.

We now, as Your people, humble ourselves before You, and ask for You to repeat Your mercies to us in our day.

We pray for a miraculous intervention to bring an end to these fires. We further pray that it may be so obvious to all that it is by Your hand, and that Your Name will be glorified by believer and unbeliever alike.

We pray, Lord, that people in their suffering, confusion and distress will call out You as the real and only God, and acknowledge that they can never be their own gods.

We pray for all emergency people brought in to help. We pray for the fireys, that they will turn to You for help, and when faced with the awesome display of nature, that they will call out to You.

We pray for all leaders for wisdom and good judgment. We pray for Scott Morrison, that You will lead him and give great wisdom as he works with state authorities and shoulders criticism. We thank you for successful evacuations on a large scale, including from the beach at Mallacoota.

We ask for wisdom in recovery, in both short and long term. We pray for a minimum of bickering and politicisation in strategies for the future. We pray that “blame games” will be exposed.

We pray for Christians in all churches, that they will be equipped to help. We include the SU Beach Mission at Mallacoota and Beach missions elsewhere. May there be a mass turning of people to You. We pray for travel mercies for many as they travel to remote area for these missions (including Elyse and Rachel at Bremer Bay). May You provide wisdom as to whether such missions and gatherings should go ahead – especially the Boy’s Brigade National Camp in NSW.

We are so grateful we can commit all these matters to You, Lord God. We ask for Your Name to be glorified in our land. Amen.

Addendum Prayer & Comments

Yesterday was the coldest January day ever in Adelaide. There was rain on the fire-ravaged coast in NSW (and East Gippsland). Yet all we hear is warnings for the rest of week and not one word of “while we are very grateful for the respite – at least for the firefighters and all those affected…”.

Scott Morrison continues to receive flak regardless of what he does and how. Imagine if an earlier meeting months ago had been held with states – bickering and fighting between various state authorities with Greens vs Liberals, Labor fence-sitting and paralysed, and Labor states bickering with federal Liberal. Now, the PM can be decisive and make good decisions (and please pray, pray for him along those lines, and for protection spiritually and emotionally).

And as for “climate change”, well please, not right now – fuel loads and sensible prescribed burning, yes please!

[Photo by Bobby Johnson on Unsplash]


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