Sugar-coated Poison

9 March 2020

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The left’s most successful language-manipulation is designating its minions “progressives.” It’s another lethal cliché – another mask to hide the hideous reality within.

Naturally, the media is on-board. Even FOX calls the Jacobin wing of the Democrats – Commissar Warren and Company — progressives. If they’re “progressive,” conservatives must be regressive.

Mariam-Webster defines progress as a transitive verb meaning “to move forward” and “to develop to a higher, better, or more advanced stage.”

The founding of America was progress – moving toward popular sovereignty and the protection of human rights. The industrial revolution was progress – moving toward a society where machines replaced muscle-power and most of society enjoys the material abundance we have today.

Creatures like Warren, Sanders, AOC and Buttigieg – really, all of the candidates for the nomination of the Party of Plunder — want to drag us back to an ant-hill society. Nationalizing health care, so bureaucrats decide who gets treatment and who doesn’t – that’s progress? Forcing a janitor to pay off the loans of a college grad, whose earning will exceed his tenfold – that’s progress?

The left’s progress leads to double-digit unemployment, tax-slavery, bread lines, fuel shortages — Venezuela.

The way the left uses the word progressive is poison with a sugar-coating.

[Photo by Mari Monpari at Pexels]

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