Homeschooling during the Coronavirus Pandemic

19 April 2020

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Parents are under immense pressure in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. They have to be teachers as well as mothers and fathers. This is a huge burden to bear for parents who already feel overwhelmed with the pandemic fallout.

In a recent YouGov poll, 59% of people said that caring for kids is causing tension in the home.
In another question in the same poll, 41% of people described homeschooling as ‘difficult’.


The topic of homeschooling came up again and again in our Dads4Kids Date with Destiny consultation held last week to tackle the challenges the coronavirus was throwing at Australian families and fathers!

The goal of Dads4Kids, as much as possible, is to meet the need of the hour. The homeschooling issue for both fathers and mothers is a huge one at the moment.

Really, looking back at my life, this should come as no surprise to me. Thirty years ago, my wife and I set off around Australia for a year with our four young children in a caravan, towed by a coaster van, on a grand adventure.

The single biggest challenge for my wife, and therefore me, during this 12-month period, was homeschooling.

Yes, we encountered crocodiles at river crossings in the Northern Territory. We met wild buffaloes on the road in the Kimberley. We encountered poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions.

We broke down on the Nullabor Plain in WA. We even got trapped by rising flood waters in North Queensland, during Cyclone Joy, which was anything but joyful.

Having said all that, the biggest single challenge of our 12 months on the road was homeschooling our children.

My wife is a very accomplished teacher, but she struggled. Is it any wonder that 41% of people describe homeschooling as difficult in the YouGov poll? I know of at least a couple of mums who have been reduced to tears amidst the strain of the homeschooling process in recent times.

Well, we have some good news for you. If you are one of those people finding homeschooling difficult, you need to book a place in the FREE Coronavirus Dads4Kids Homeschooling Webinar at 8PM Tuesday 28 April.

[Book Here NOW]

Some of the subjects covered in the Homeschooling Webinar:

1. Find out how to keep your kids on track.
2. Learn how to set good learning boundaries.
3. Understand the discipline secrets of great teachers.
4. Help your children achieve academically.
5. And much, much more.

Hear from Peter & Liz Lim, who are long-term homeschoolers with 11 Children. Peter Lim is the Dads4Kids National Good to Great Training Coordinator.

Listen to Matthew & Shannon Jellie, who have 2 children and between them 38 years of high-level teaching experience, and a sense of humour besides.

Learn from Guy & Anne-Marie Mullon, who have 9 Children and are proficient homeschoolers. Guy Mullon is also an expert Life Coach.

My wife, Alison Marsh, qualified teacher, mother of five children and busy grandmother of 8, will share her nerve-racking encounter with homeschooling and how she overcame it in the end.

Let me say one very important thing that I learnt from our joint experience. Dads have to get involved in the homeschooling process. If the mother is managing the schoolwork, she needs maximum support from the father for the sake of her own sanity. So don’t just send your wife to the webinar. Come yourself and bring her with you!

Please tell your friends and family members about this amazing FREE Coronavirus Dads4Kids Homeschooling Webinar at 8PM Tuesday 28 April.

[Book NOW]

When you register, you will receive the following FREE helpful links and resources in your email confirmation:
1. Aussie Educator – Free homeschooling resources.
2. Get access to a Temporary Support Group for Homeschooling in the Coronavirus Crisis.
3. Free Resources for Homeschooling Parents.

Book your place early to avoid disappointment, as places are filling up fast!


If you need help in your homeschooling, reserve your spot and Book NOW!

If you don’t need the help we are offering, I am going to ask a special favour of you. Can you go out of your way to tell someone who does need help about the FREE Coronavirus Dads4Kids Homeschooling Webinar?

We know for a fact that 41% of families are struggling with their homeschooling situation due to coronavirus.

I suspect, from conversations I have had, that the situation is much worse than that. We need your help to reach the mums and dads who are struggling at this time.

Sadly, we will never reach them because we don’t know them. We need you to tell them about our FREE Coronavirus Dads4Kids Homeschooling Webinar at 8PM Tuesday 28 April.

Just send this post on to your friends and relatives with your note of endorsement.

Yours for Our Children,
Warwick Marsh

PS: Thanks to all the 56 Fathers who have enrolled for the Courageous Fathering course which starts this Monday night via Zoom.

The course is now full. Phone Peter Lim at 0439 616 716 to go on the waiting list.

[Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash]

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