COVID19 Call to Prayer – May 26: Unending Blessings

26 May 2020

1.6 MINS

1 The king rejoices in Your strength, LORD.
How great is his joy in the victories You give!
2 You have granted him his heart’s desire
and have not withheld the request of his lips…
6 Surely You have granted him unending blessings
and made him glad with the joy of Your presence.
7 For the king trusts in the LORD;
through the unfailing love of the Most High he will not be shaken.
~ Psalm 21

The joy in the Christian’s life comes from the victories God gives, the desires of our hearts and the joy of His presence and His unshakeable love. This is the basis on which we pray – not our own righteousness.

“You move us to delight in praising You, for You have formed us for Yourself;
and our hearts are restless until they find rest in You.”
~ Augustine

Petition: Please join with us in praying for:

1. The Netherlands – The number of confirmed cases is 45,657, with 5,849 deaths of those with Covid-19. The Netherlands has also lifted the limited lockdown restrictions they had – this article about schools reopening is interesting.

2. Western Australia now has had 564 cases (up 10 from a week ago), with 9 deaths (up 0).
The WA premier has said it will be several months before state borders are open.
In Australia there have been 7,118 cases (up 9). There have been 102 deaths (up 0).
6,532 people have recovered (up 24). 31 are in hospital (5 in ICU).
1,244,200 people have been tested, with 0.6% being positive.

3. Pray for North Korea as the President Kim Jong-un has just announced there will be more nuclear tests.

4. Human trials on a vaccine begin in Australia today – pray for safety and success.

5. For those of us involved on social media – that we would behave with grace and love as well as proclaim Christ through all that we say and do.

A Prayer of Repentance:
Father, forgive us for the foolish things we say,
the wicked things we think and the heartless things we do.
Cleanse our hearts, change our wills, renew our minds and enable our bodies to serve You.
For Jesus’ sake, Amen.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving:
Lord – we rejoice in Your strength. We rejoice in Your victories.
We rejoice that in You we are more than conquerors.
We rejoice in Your unending blessings. We rejoice in the joy of Your presence.
Thank You for Your unfailing love. We shall not be moved. Praise Your name. Amen.


Daily devotions by David Robertson via Christians United — COVID19 Call to Prayer.

[Photo by R. Fera from Pexels]

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