COVID19 Call to Prayer – June 19: Verses for the King

19 June 2020

1.4 MINS

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king;
my tongue is the pen of a skilful writer
You are the most excellent of men
and your lips have been anointed with grace,
since God has blessed you forever.
~ Psalm 45:1-2

This is an unusual song – a wedding song. But as well as speaking of the wedding of the King, it also speaks of the ultimate wedding – the marriage feast of the Lamb. We are to use our lips and our keyboard fingers to recite the praises of our King, Jesus.

“Now until the devil be good, God’s children shall never want enemies;
and he will never be good.”
Richard Sibbes

Petition: Please join with us in praying for:

1. Bolivia – The number of confirmed cases is 20,685, with 679 deaths of those with Covid-19.
There was a total quarantine in Bolivia – which is just beginning to be lifted.

2. Western Australia – now has had 603 cases (up 2 from a week ago), with 19 deaths (up 0).
In Australia there have been 7,391 cases (up 21). 18 of the new cases are in Victoria, which is now the only state with community transmission. There have been 102 deaths (up 0). 6,877 people have recovered (up 7). 14 are in hospital (2 in ICU). 1,927,497 have been tested, with 0.4% being positive.

3. The threat of a new outbreak in China is causing concern. Beijing has been locked down.

4. This is a helpful article explaining how the search for a vaccine works.

5. For those whose marriages are in trouble. May they know peace, help and healing from the Lord.

A Prayer of Repentance:
Lord, how quick we are to speak of ourselves, and slow to speak of You.
How quick we are to write in selfishness and anger, not selflessness and peace.
Forgive us and teach us to have ‘the pen of a ready writer’. For Christ’s sake, Amen.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving:
Lord – we thank You that we have so much to learn, see and say of Your beauty.
Help us to know, love and serve You more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Daily devotions by David Robertson via Christians United — COVID19 Call to Prayer.

[Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash]

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