Jordan Peterson is Back

11 July 2020

3.1 MINS

The New York Times says that Jordan Peterson is “a patriarchal pseudointellectual riding his devilish dark horse into stardom and corrupting everybody in his path, at best an idiot fraud and at worst the most dangerous thinker in the West”.

From the point of view of those who hate men, the New York Times is right. Jordan Peterson is extremely dangerous to the lies they peddle. The good news is, he is making a comeback!
See his daughters’ interview with him below:


More than any other single person in the last few decades, Dr Jordan Peterson has exposed the lies of those misandrists who blame the whole of the world’s problems on the tyrannical patriarchy.

Jordan Peterson’s most popular YouTube clip is up to 21,305,090 views and is still growing daily. The Dads4Kids Newsletter featured it in February 2018 within weeks of its first appearance. Cathy Newman, an aggressive feminist news journalist with Channel 4 in the UK, inadvertently put Jordan Peterson and his book, 12 Rules for Life, on the world map.

Rachael Farrah commented on the above YouTube that:

“She is terrible. She keeps trying to manipulate his words. I love how he keeps correcting and redirecting her. Really frustrating to watch.”

Stu Bradbury got right to the point,

“This was like watching Mike Tyson fight a toddler.”


The truth is that Peterson completely refuted all Newman’s arguments, and when she made an absolute fool of herself, Peterson rescued her. This is the beauty of Jordan Peterson. He is at heart a humble and gracious man, and he shows it in his interactions with the people that hate him the most.

Jordan Peterson’s other high-ranking YouTube interview, which must be close to being his second-most popular clip, is his interview with another aggressive feminist, Helen Lewis, at 13,617,468 views. British GQ, ironically a so-called men’s magazine, paid for the interview and botched the early part of the sound on Peterson to make him look like a fool.

Helen Lewis was a much more formidable interviewer than Kathy Newman, but her mind was no match for Jordan, who exposed the Cultural Marxist, feminist diatribe once again with grace and humour.


I was concerned when I heard in February 2020, from Jordan Peterson’s daughter on her family YouTube update, that he was unwell. Besides the fact that Jordan Peterson is mankind’s greatest spokesperson, I love the fact that he doesn’t accept the contrived and shallow thinking of our time, but questions its veracity and exposes its weaknesses.

People who think are a very rare commodity these days. People who not only think but can articulate their thoughts in the face of hostile criticism are even rarer.

I must confess that I have probably watched over 100 YouTube interviews with Jordan Peterson. My favourite Jordan Peterson YouTube is his interview with my good friend John Anderson. John really gets Jordan talking from his heart. Twice he breaks down in tears as John asks the right questions for a change.


I have bought and read Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, and I highly recommend it to any soul who wants to acquire some extra wisdom. Early in 2019 I recorded a YouTube clip, Seven Reasons Why I like Jordan Peterson. My friend Sam, who is in his late twenties, added his three reasons. Watch it below and make your own judgment.


The good news is that Jordan Peterson is on the mend, and Tammy, his wife, is also much better after a recovery from what seemed like a medical death sentence.

Jordan’s interview with his daughter is touching (see video at the beginning of this article), and shows his honesty and humility. He is always ready to reveal his mistakes and refuses to run from truth. To be this honest requires great courage!

The fact that his daughter and her husband probably saved his life is proven at the 53-minute mark by Jordan’s tears. It shows the truth of the matter and the heart of the man. It is pretty hard to argue with tears.

Tell your children about Jordan Peterson, and if they are old enough, show them some of his clips.
Tell them that there are still some courageous men left in the world.

Yours for more Courageous Men,
Warwick Marsh

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