Pro-Life Prayer Day 7: The Deceptive Web

21 July 2020

2.8 MINS

No one seeks true justice; no one pleads his case with honesty.
They rely on their illusions and misleading lies;
they conceive trouble and give birth to sin.

They hatch harmful plots like snake’s eggs
and spin their lies like a spider spins its web.
Whoever eats their “eggs” dies and a poisonous snake gets hatched!

Their “webs” cannot substitute as clothing,
they cannot cover themselves with the lies they spin,
nor can their works cover themselves adequately.
Their actions are evil, and the wages of violence is in their hands.
~ Isaiah 59:4-6 (TPT)

Church, it is time to honestly seek true justice and plead the case for the unborn. The issue of abortion in the nations has become a fierce web of illusions and misleading lies. Many, especially the young, are caught in this web that entraps. This trap of the choice to abort a human being, seeming the only way, has many consequences of destruction.

Isaiah spoke of the web that is spun through lies. Misleading lies associated with abortion supposedly answer questions such as: What the procedure does to and with the unborn? What pain does the fetus feel? Post-abortion trauma? The effects on relationships, guilt and blame? Not to mention the spiritual consequences of the shedding of innocent blood, seared consciences and cultural expectations and ethics. The misleading lies hatch only ongoing destruction in people’s lives.

Now through the proposed Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020, we are to be presented with another harmful plot for death to go unchallenged “at the gates”. It has the potential to release the poison of removing freedom of speech, and activities of people of faith whose aim is to protect the sanctity of life.

The proposed Bill effectively seeks to reinforce the web of deception that abortion is the only answer. By removing access to prayer and information regarding other options, the pregnant woman’s right to choose has been railroaded to the train-wreck that is abortion. It removes the freedom for a relative, partner or spouse to have a conversation to discuss a proposed abortion — this may result in a hefty fine or worse. Ultimately, as anything trapped in a web, it always ends in death — in this instance, for the children in the womb.

Rise up, Church (Ecclesia), and declare the Word of the Lord as lead by the Holy Spirit. Plead the blood of Jesus against the issue of abortion, and everything associated with it, and pray wholeheartedly in the Name of Jesus – the name to which every knee SHALL bow. We are more than conquerors through Christ!

Father, we ask today for mercy and grace to help remove every part of this web that has now been woven throughout our culture. We ask for mercy and favour to have freedom from this Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020. We ask for freedom of speech and prayer, and the offering of help to those who need it.
Lord, we decree Your Spirit of Truth come and clear away this web, dissolving the entanglement of lies and deception. Lord, send Your angelic help You have already assigned to every child (Matthew 18:10) to bring release before they even get to the abortion facilities. Cause parents to fall in love with each other, the child, and ultimately You.
Lord, You promised to set the captives free, so we ask for freedom for those caught in the web of shame, intense prolonged grief, guilt and destruction. We pray for release and forgiveness for those who came into agreement with these evil actions.
We ask for balanced wise counsel from government agencies here in South Australia who declare themselves as those who can be ‘trusted’ to give advice to people with unplanned pregnancies. We forgive these agencies, Lord, and we bless them to be compelled to speak truth and offer all options that lead to life. Grant greater wisdom and strategy to Your people, Lord, to turn back the fierce spiritual forces behind abortion in our nations and deliver us from this evil. In Jesus’ powerful and precious Name, Amen.

Please join us to petition Heaven in prayer during the private members’ time, 10.30am – 12noon (unless the Parliament takes extra time).
Covid-19 restrictions now allows 52 people to be on the Parliament steps; any extra are not restricted to be walking along North Tce.

[Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash]

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