The Global Glory of Jesus Christ Will Cover the Earth

3 September 2020

5.2 MINS

The Global Visitation

About the middle of 1987, I was caught up in a supernatural dream. At the time, I was working in Sydney at Kellyville for a Christian family as a machine operator. I was living in the Blue Mountains at Blackheath, west of Sydney.

On this particular day, when I went to work I wasn’t thinking about revival or anything along those lines, which might influence what I’m going to share with you.

I went to work in the morning in Sydney, worked all day, then drove back to Blackheath. I had tea with my family, then went to bed.

About 2am the following morning, I was caught up in a supernatural dream in another dimension. I found myself being carried along through this spiritual realm, and as I was being carried along I thought I had just died and an angel was escorting my spirit into Heaven. I thought my wife was going to wake up in the morning and find me dead in bed.


As I was being borne along, I was looking for the lights of Heaven to appear in the distance, when suddenly the person carrying me stopped at such a great height and asked me to look down and tell him what I could see. Then I recognised the voice — that the person carrying me was the Holy Spirit.

When I looked down, I saw the Earth in its global form balancing in space. As I gazed upon the Earth, it began flattening out like a carpet, and I saw all the nations of the earth from one viewpoint.

As I continued to gaze upon this earthly scene, the Holy Spirit brought me and my focus closer to Australia with tremendous speed. And, all of a sudden, a glorious shekinah glory exploded simultaneously like a dynamite explosion right across Australia.

Then the Holy Spirit took up again to a great height, and a big shaft of golden light leapt over and hit the west coast of America. The Holy Spirit asked me: ‘What do you see?’ but I couldn’t find words to describe what I saw. It was so spectacular. All I could say was ‘I… I… I…”

Then, like liquid gold, this spectacular glory was moving a such a rapid pace down into South America. Then it was racing back up through North America to Canada. It leaped over to cover the whole of Europe in a matter of seconds.

Then the Holy Spirit brought me back to ground level to England, where there was a big flood racing through the country. He said, ‘Now it’s racing into the borders of England.’ Then Holy Spirit took me back up really high, and when I looked down, it was racing across Africa and back to Australia.

The Holy Spirit took me back up to a great height again. When I looked down, the Earth transformed back into a global form again and it was enveloped in this really bright shekinah glory.

At that point in time I woke up in bed. I felt my body, and thought ‘I’m not dead, after all!’

I got up and raced over to my wife, sleeping in the double bed with my two little boys, and shook her and called out ‘Glenys! Glenys!’ She threw the blanket off herself and was yelling, ‘Where’s the fire? Where’s the fire?’ and I said: ‘There’s no fire. It’s a different kind of fire! The Holy Spirit just visited me and told me of the things that are coming!’

So, I ran outside to the street to shout out to some Christian people — what the Lord had just shown me. It was 2am in the morning. But the Holy Spirit said ‘Don’t say anything to anybody. Just write it in a book and lock it up until I tell you to release it.’

So that’s what I did. And that was over thirty years ago.

A big wave is coming
In 1989 my family and I left Blackheath in the Blue Mountains in NSW and relocated in Toowoomba, Queensland. Then in December 1990, my family and I went back to the Kimberley to Halls Creek, north-western Australia, to have Christmas with my Mum (now deceased). It took us three day’s journey to the Kimberley.

We stayed with my Mum in one of her bedrooms. We put down mattresses on the floor for my boys and my wife and I to sleep on.

Early one morning — about 3am — I found myself caught up in another supernatural dream from the Lord.

But this time, I found myself in a vast ocean floating up to my neck in what looked like water. I was in a sitting position, but I wasn’t sitting on anything. I was being borne along by God’s supernatural power. As I was being carried along, all I was concerned about was that any moment sharks were going to appear from beneath and snap off my legs.

Anyway, as I was being carried along in this ocean by this supernatural power, I managed to turn my head around and look behind me. I saw about half a dozen men in the same sitting position that I was in, with water up to their necks being borne along in the same direction.

As we were being carried along by this supernatural power, I began wondering what this was all about, when a voice spoke and I knew it was the Holy Spirit. At that point I could see an island with palm trees to the left of me, and the Holy Spirit said, ‘Try and swim to the island.’

But as I tried to swim to this island, the power of God kept us away from it. As we were being borne along, I saw a black line on the distant horizon in front of us stretching right across the horizon. I asked the Holy Spirit what was the black line. The Holy Spirit said, ‘That black line represents all the revivals that have ever happened in history.’

As I was gazing at that black line in the distance, I heard a loud roaring noise coming from behind us. I managed to turn around in this water and what I saw coming frightened the daylights out of me. As I looked, I saw this gigantic approaching wave. I pointed at it and asked the Holy Spirit, ‘What’s that?’

The Holy Spirit replied, ‘This coming wave represents a move of God we have not seen before, nor will we see one like it again.’

As this wave was about to cover me, I woke out of sleep. So I got up and had a cup of coffee — probably the worst thing I ever did — and tried to get back into this dream to see what happened with this approaching wave, but sleep was gone!

The Holy Spirit said, ‘Write that down and lock it up for the future.’

Over the last three years, since 2017, the Lord has told me to release these dreams to prepare the whole world for God’s glory to cover the earth. He has made it clear to me that my role is to send this word out to the whole body of Christ in every different language, to prepare for this global glory of Jesus Christ to cover the earth. We all need to get cleaned up — holy before God — so we are spotless before God.

Recently I read in a book that Smith-Wigglesworth said back in the 1930s that this last global move of God will begin in Australia, which confirmed that my dream was from God. It is amazing that Australia and the lands around the South Pacific were named the Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit, way back in 1606 by Ferdinand de Quiros.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Rodney Rivers is one of the Indigenous leaders helping Ps Peter Walker organise a National Solemn Assembly for the healing of the land, on Zoom on the 26 -27 August 2020. For more information on how to participate in this historic event, click here.

[Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash]


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