Kamala Has Already Struck Out

14 October 2020

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Even before the Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, named his choice for vice president, a group of Democrat Party activists released an unprecedented document outlining their “rules” for how the media could address issues surrounding the woman Biden ultimately chose. These guidelines made it abundantly clear that the media were “required” to handle Biden’s choice with kid gloves.

Questions were not to be probing; instead, this veep candidate, unlike the vicious coverage Sarah Palin endured years ago, was to be above questioning. With astounding hubris, the Democrats actually warned the media that they would “monitor coverage” of the female veep candidate and that anything even slightly critical would be condemned as “racist and sexist.” Hollywood celebrities and the usual line-up of leftist women’s groups (NARAL, Planned Parenthood, etc.) have promised Kamala, “We’ve got your back.”

Bottom line: Biden is in hiding; Kamala is untouchable.

This mafia-style intimidation cannot be allowed to stand. The public needs to know that Kamala’s quest, as in baseball, has already struck out. She has three strikes against her that are a death knell for her prospects. There is no way, after these strikes, she should be anywhere near a heartbeat or a brain flare away from the presidency of America.

1. Opportunistic Career Path — We are not supposed to have noticed (or it’s not supposed to make a difference or matter), but Kamala Harris came into politics as a mistress under the patronage of the notoriously unethical speaker of the House in California, Willie Brown. Numerous public servants in government in California at the time noted that Kamala was a pretty twenty-something young woman that Brown, a married man in his 60s, regularly showed off as his mistress at political events. She received prestigious, powerful, and profitable political appointments in state government and moved on from there. Anyone who brings up this opportunism is against her “ambition” and is trying to keep her “in her place.” In short, anyone raising these well documented facts is both misogynistic and racist.

Kamala is known as being “pragmatic, rather than principled.” Some Democrat strategists claim to be happy with Kamala as a “messenger” (meaning she is good TV) but cringe at her inconsistent and problematic “messages” (meaning she is all over the map on any given issue).

Harris has flip-flopped on issue after issue, depending on what’s politically expedient. She excuses this inconsistency by saying being a prosecutor is, by its very nature, “controversial.” As a prosecutor, she defended capital punishment, but she ran for office on an “anti-death penalty” platform. Her truancy policies were a problem; also her drug programs. She opposed police body cameras, claiming they disadvantaged blacks and minorities. She was criticized for siding with police too often; now she is vocal about police “brutality.” She is now very pro-LGBT and transgender issues and blames her previous inconsistency on staffers who disregarded her personal views. She was against decriminalization of “sex work” before she suddenly advocated for criminalization. Same with marijuana; she was against it before flippantly claiming that marijuana brings joy and “we need more joy in the world.” She’s taken both sides on whether a convicted terrorist should be able to vote from prison!

2. Radical Woke Ideologies and Policies — Many analysts believe that Kamala Harris will be America’s most radical left political candidate ever. She’s consistently among the top two “most progressive” members of the Senate. She has been called one of the most radical-left politicians today; pick any pet woke cause, and Kamala will be farthest left! These policy positions are not only constitutionally problematic; they are also prohibitively expensive, with a price tag in the multiple billions of dollars!

Guns? Kamala supports extremist laws to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. She advocates a wide array of increased gun control measures, including executive orders to implement problematic regulations.

Health care? Kamala co-sponsored Bernie Sanders’s “Medicare for All” health insurance proposal. She wants to abolish all private health insurance, saying, “Let’s eliminate all of that!” She strongly supports a single-payer system. Observers note that both her position and Biden’s on the issue have solidified during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Education? Kamala attended all-white schools until she chose to attend Howard University. She passed the bar in 1990 and progressed as a prosecutor to become district attorney of San Francisco thanks to political muscle from her benefactor, Willie Brown. She advocates for free college and university education for all — especially for free tuition at historically black colleges and universities.

Immigration? Even as the daughter of (legal) immigrants from India and Jamaica, Kamala has repeatedly shown that she makes no distinction between the rights and privileges of a citizen and an illegal alien. Benefits, she claims, belong to citizens and non-citizens alike.

Environment? She joined forces with the socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York to require additional regulations on environmental policies.

3. Kavanaugh Hearings Debacle — The final strike is the most disgraceful. The way Kamala Harris treated Brett Kavanaugh at the 2018 confirmation hearings was the most disrespectful and vicious of the senators. She stood out at the hearings for her deceitful questioning and the revolting tone of her accusations. She accepted the flimsiest of evidence in attacking Kavanaugh – for instance, the implausible and unsubstantiated accusation of gang rape — and praised an obviously “deceptively edited video” claiming that Kavanaugh opposed birth control, claiming that it was all about “punishing women.”

Her extreme positions were so bad that she was actually called out by the left. Her attacks — called fear-invoking lies and possibly attempts at a presidential audition — were acknowledged as false and criticized by left-wing PolitiFact and her liberal hometown newspapers, The San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times. As President Trump said, she was, indeed, “extraordinarily nasty” to Brett Kavanaugh.

Guy Benson, Townhall political editor, described her Kavanaugh performance as “particularly demagogic, cynical and abysmal.” In their excellent book, Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino detailed all the egregious procedural maneuvers Harris tried in her efforts to get Kavanaugh to commit perjury, as well as the fawning media coverage.

In a normal election, the veep choice would be relatively irrelevant, but Joe Biden is not a normal presidential candidate. At 77, “Gaffe-Prone Joe” Biden has said he’d be a “transitional” president, and it is generally acknowledged that he is more likely than other previous candidates to become (sooner rather than later) incapacitated or unable to serve more than one term. Thus, Kamala must be viewed as a possible presidential contender. She fails on every measure — significantly!

Leadership? She is obviously, much like Hillary, a ruthless opportunist willing to do or say whatever it takes to get ahead. Ideas/Policies? She can be swayed however the political winds are blowing at the time. Even her friends explain that she is “not ideological,” meaning she doesn’t take principled stances on important issues. Experience? She has dramatically failed upward! The media have frequently acknowledged her “history of flip flopping and deceit.”

What Kamala Harris offers in the veepstakes is a promise to promote a grab bag of assorted radical goals of every oddball progressive from Bernie to AOC to Obama and be an advocate for special constituencies — pro-abortion voters, instigators of the BLM movement’s racism, gun control activists, and illegal aliens.


Originally published at American Thinker.
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