Media Form a Praetorian Guard Around Biden

29 October 2020

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In ancient Rome, the Praetorian Guard was an elite unit of the Imperial Army that guarded the emperor. That’s the function the media serve for Democratic candidates. Never more so than in defending The Gaffer and assailing The President.

A study by the Media Research Center of ABC, NBC and CBS (July 29 through Oct. 20) shows that while coverage of Trump was 92% negative, coverage of Biden was 66% positive. Their adamant refusal to discuss Hunter’s laptop and Joe’s play-for-pay is only the latest example.

The new media — like Facebook and Twitter — are the Praetorian Guard’s high-tech auxiliary.

The media have also suppressed news of the insurrection in our streets, assaults on free speech wherever the left holds sway, Christian persecution in Islam, and the new anti-Semitism — here and abroad. If Kamala was writing the headlines, and Bernie was an anchor, it couldn’t get much worse.

I worked in a big city newsroom for 19 years. My memory goes back to the 1964 Republican Convention, when Goldwater delegates shook their fists at the press box.

It just keeps getting worse. Someday, somewhere, there has to be a reckoning.

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