Walk for Life Adelaide 2021

A Momentous Day in Adelaide

18 February 2021

4.2 MINS

Thanking God for His Miracles in Adelaide and all of South Australia.

The city of Adelaide was a sight to see on Saturday February 6th as the bride of Jesus Christ, full of love, walked together as one for 1.8km.

There were the very young, the much older and everyone in between and as they walked, they carried signs:


As the last of the walkers stepped out onto King William Street, to walk for life, a full circle of walkers had formed with those who had led the march returning over the bridge to Pennington Gardens. The marchers had formed a full circle around Parliament House, and this was significant, as the Lord had given many of us the sense it was like Joshua and the Israelites surrounding Jericho! Now for the BIG SHOUT and the walls of Parliament’s hardened hearts, that are pushing abortion-to-birth without relenting, be shaken as they defy the living God!

Many felt the rain represented the tears of the Lord for the unborn aborted babies and those who suffer every day — women and men, for their decision to abort their child! The sun broke through significantly at one point when it was prayed “Arise, Shine!” The crowd were encouraged to stand for life in their sphere of influence, whatever that may be; as like Queen Esther we were all born for such a time as this — to no longer be silent, but to seek the Lord and step out with wisdom and courage to bring the Light of Life in these days!

The Walk for Life 2021 had 5,000 concerned citizens rally at Pennington Gardens, North Adelaide, amidst heavy showers. This is 1500 more than last year as the groundswell of prominent leaders, and everyone who has ears to hear what the Lord is saying, gathered together — those opposing this radical abortion bill will no longer stay silent!

The crowd heard from several key leaders in the fight for life of the unborn. The issues included the horrific Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 that is before the SA Parliament. Thanks to prayer and pressure upon politicians, this bill had been miraculously postponed for two weeks — the bill was due to be voted upon during the first week that the Parliamentarians were back from their break, before the Walk for Life could take place.

We had only a couple of showers of rain at the rally despite forecasts of heavy rain and strong winds — miraculously it held off. God’s provision was displayed both upfront and behind the scenes. Thanks to the team behind the walk, and everyone’s prayers that allowed us to overcome the significant COVID-19 red tape that was a serious obstacle to holding the walk.

Nothing happens without prayer and God has been incredibly good to us yet again!

The main issues addressed at the Walk for Life 2021 were:

  • Love Them Both — Jesus in our midst is the Light of Life
  • Abortion up to Birth
  • Adoption as a real option
  • Sex-Selective Abortion
  • Trauma experienced by medical staff
  • Failed Abortions — Babies Left to Die
  • Abortions to be Performed by Health Professionals other than Doctors
  • Post-abortion grief and trauma
  • Medical Abortion Pills especially dangerous to Rural Women being presented as health care solutions

The 5,000 people came walking as one as they stood for Life for the unborn — an unprecedented oneness and conviction that all life is sacred and worth fighting for! Reports are coming in of lives that were changed at the walk — this is what happens in an atmosphere created when love walks through the streets — forgiveness was felt, grace was real and hope rose even for those who have suffered guilt, shame and grief for decades. A message was heard and the silence broken on so many levels.


Since the first Bill was introduced in SA in December 2018, we have sent out across the nation calls to prayer for 169 days of Prayer and Fasting that are filling heavens prayer bowls for the plight of the voiceless unborn. We continue to look to the Lord for wisdom and mercy and grace to help. We are living in times where the light is shining brighter and God’s people, His Holy Nation, are coming together — letting go of everything that has entangled and hindered, and are moving as one against injustice!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in the 37 Days of Holiness Call to Fast and Pray from 1st January to 6th February 2021 — May the Lord Bless You Abundantly!

Each time we pray for you, we thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Colossians 1:3 CEV) We thank God for the volunteers, the guest speakers, the incredibly hard-working team, the courageous freedom fighters who constantly lay down their lives to see a day of Life for all Australians in the womb to live and be celebrated and to fulfil their days!

Please pray for:
  • The MPs who are leading the way to protect life: in particular, Tom Koutsantonis, Sam Duluk, David Speirs, Stephan Knoll and Steve Murray — may our female MPs arise also.
  • All amendments to be clearly debated and passed according to the issues mentioned above
  • The Church to be a loud unified voice speaking out against this horrific bill.
  • We keep the gates of South Australia closed to privatisation of Abortion Clinics being established and every evil that profits from the death of the unborn and pain of women/men.
  • The message will continue to be heard and cause many more to stand up for the unborn.

There is a principle Jesus taught when it comes to answered prayer, and that is persistence!

Keep on asking and it will be given you;
keep on seeking and you will find;
keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you.
For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking, [the door] will be opened. …
If you then, evil as you are, know how to give good
and advantageous gifts to your children, how much more will your Father Who is in heaven [perfect as He is] give good and advantageous things to those who keep on asking Him!
Matthew 7:7-8, 11 AMPC

Let us continue to Praise our Lord!


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