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Three Petitions You Should Sign in Support of Freedom

16 March 2021


Many of us are aware of the various challenges facing the West with the rise of trends like cancel culture, Big Tech censorship and Critical Race Theory. But what are some practical things we can do?

Here are three petitions you should sign today in support of freedom. This will take five minutes of your time, but you’ll be making a difference for freedom in Australia and around the world.

Freedom on Social Media

Federal MP George Christensen has a petition on his website to stop Big Tech censorship. This petition is addressed to the Communications Minister, with the aim of introducing “laws that stop social media platforms from censoring lawful speech in Australia”. The petition pleads:

We urge you to support the push by George Christensen MP to introduce laws that stop social media platforms from censoring lawful speech in Australia.

We ask that, as a matter of urgency, you legislate to ensure Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms can no longer ban, censor, suspend, “fact-check” or shadow-ban users for posting content which is lawful in Australia.

You can sign this petition here.

Freedom for Parents

Binary, an Australian organisation affirming the truth and beauty of both the male and female genders, has an excellent Parental Rights petition on their website. It says:

To all Australian state and territory governments,

We should be doing everything we can to preserve the innocence of children.

But government support of radical gender ideology in schools — without parental consent and, at times, in direct opposition to parents’ expressed concerns — is growing.

Schools should focus on educating our kids, not indoctrinating them.

And parents should have rights that mean they’re entitled to know what their child is being taught and to remove them from classes with inappropriate sexual content.

I call on you to pursue legislation to make parental rights enforceable by law.

You can sign this petition here.

Freedom and Respect in the Public Square

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) is an excellent initiative coming out of the United States in response to the rise of Critical Race Theory. On their website, they invite the public to sign the FAIR Pledge, which reads:

“I seek to treat everyone equally without regard to skin colour or other immutable characteristics. I believe in applying the same rules to everyone, and reject disparagement of individuals based on the circumstances of their birth.”

“I am open-minded. I seek to understand opinions or behaviour that I do not necessarily agree with. I am tolerant and consider points of view that are in conflict with my prior convictions.”

“I recognise that every person has a unique identity, that our shared humanity is precious, and that it is up to all of us to defend and protect the civic culture that unites us.”

You can sign the pledge here.

Signing these petitions are simple but profound ways that you can speak up for freedom in a time when voices for truth are in short supply. Would you consider sharing this article? And in the comments, please share with us any other petitions for freedom that fellow readers might like to sign.

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