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Man Scripts: How to Never Get in Trouble with Her Again

20 March 2021

2.8 MINS

Elbert Hubbard said,

“Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive.”

Victor Borge said,

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

Comedian and counsellor JP Sears put the above advice into practice in his brilliant YouTube video called “Man Scripts — How to Never Get in Trouble with Her Again”. These scripts will put a smile on your face and a laugh in your belly, so watch them to make sure you do not waste another day. As Charlie Chaplin said,

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”


Comedian Jermaine Fowler was asked, “What is the heart of a good joke?” Fowler replied simply, “Honesty!” He continued, “Even if people don’t like it or don’t agree with you, it’s just the earnestness and honesty of it that makes it endearing.

Comedian John Fugelsang argues that the best comedians are our most effective anthropologists and cultural critics:

Political comedy, when done right, is a delivery system for the truth.”

I believe that JP Sears is helping us to understand the truth that men and women are indeed different and that we need each other. More importantly, it is okay to laugh at the differences. He makes his videos even more authentic with the help of his wife Amber, his comedic partner.

I am not the only one who loves Man Scripts. JP Sears has had 2,699,944 views and an impressive 7,481 comments on his Man Scripts video. Many of the commentators are deeply thankful for both the truth and the comedy.

MAN SCRIPTS — How to Never Get in Trouble with Her Again

OMG this was so hilarious. I laughed so hard watching this. SO TRUE.
~ Elder Bowman

No matter how much I watch this, it never gets old — and I’m a woman!
~ Pandora’sBox

“I think both of our lives will undoubtedly change for the better because of your new hair…” I almost died laughing.
~ Red Eye Records H

This has to be translated to all the world languages. Mankind needs this more than anything else.
~ Dingonun Ziki

I really need a “I showed my girlfriend this video and now she’s mad at me” script. Please help.
~ Forgiveness

Dude you are hilarious, so glad I just found you thanks for the laughs. I miss laughter these days, shine on brother.
~ Paula

More recently, JP Sears did a version for women called “Woman Scripts – How to Never Feel Frustrated with Your Man Again”. With almost half a million views and 1,600 comments, JP Sears has not lost his touch for telling the truth.


JP is a master of satire as well. His “What It’s Like Being a Millennial (Give me the Respect I Didn’t Earn)” is a very clever commentary on a very self-centred generation.

The “Truth About GameStop According to Wall Street” is also well worth the watch, as is the “New Political Correctness Rules”, and his “The WOKE Hollywood Agenda” is also very clever.

Mark Twain said,

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.”

Currently, in our battle for truth, laughter is still our greatest weapon.

Right now, we have the radical elite saying that male and female don’t exist, gender is just a social construct and we are all victims of an oppressive patriarchal heteronormative hierarchy that believes a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

That, my friends, according to the gender-bending radical elite, is an old-fashioned idea that is corrupting our children and destroying our society. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reverse is the case. It is they who are destroying our children. Jordan Peterson is very clear that the patriarchal hierarchy and gender being a social construct is total nonsense. Sadly, common-sense is not that common. Even the reality of biological science is being rejected.

Sometimes, the best way to deal with such mind-blowing madness is to watch funny videos that show how different men and women really are!


Fyodor Dostoevsky said,

“Talking nonsense is the sole privilege mankind possesses over the other organisms.”

In this case, humour is a great way to educate ourselves, others, and where appropriate, our children.

For more reasons than one, laughter is still the best medicine.

Yours for more laughter,
Warwick Marsh

[Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash]

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