Day 11: The Big Picture is the True Motivation

11 May 2021


For some, it will only be at the very end that they realise what truly mattered.


“Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.”Matthew 7:21

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”Mark 8:36

There is a very natural course of life we have innately come to know. First, you are born and have your childhood; then schooling and further studies; get a job; pop out some kids; and ‘do life’ as you head towards your retirement years. In your final season, you enjoy the fruits of your labours as you spend what you have stored up in your life and bask in the love of your grandchildren. Then, either swiftly or slowly, you will die as has been appointed to all (Hebrews 9:27).

It’s not naturally in us to want to die, and so we seek cures to things that would make this happen, even though we are still destined to die anyway. A long life is seen as a blessing from God, and we expect and hope for it. But even if we were to outlive Methuselah (Genesis 5:27) and clock up 1,000 years, our life is still finite—and therefore embarrassingly short in the face of eternity.

Pro tip: eternity is where it’s at.

There are plenty of good things to do in life, and no shortage of distractions either. The life you live is still your own—but if you don’t get saved and move forward to Heaven upon death, then what’s the point? There is no use in winning the game of life and yet losing your soul for good (Mark 8:36).

Remember, all have sinned and fallen short, and Hell is the default destination when we die. We are fortunate to be saved by a loving God, but even greater that we had the opportunity to hear and accept what is on offer. Imagine if you died and discovered to your horror that nobody had even told you about this simple game-changer.

I’m not sure exactly how the mechanicals of Judgement Day will work. I imagine we’re in a great crowd awaiting our personal verdicts. The last thing I’d want is people I’ve known screaming at me, “Why didn’t you tell me!?”


As the entrance to Hell is opened up that day, and they are finally able see the horror, they will be absolutely emphatic about it (to say the least)—and I doubt you will magically forget those last words. Remember, judgement is final.

This is a glimpse of the bigger picture. With eternity as your perspective, it makes sense to die to yourself in this earthly short-term, and put aside what you prefer to be doing. That can wait until Heaven. Put your life aside, and focus on the only thing that matters: getting as many over the line with their salvations in place.

In the end, nothing will be more important than arriving in Heaven where there is no more evil. Throw away your distractions, be explicitly obedient to the Father (Matthew 7:21), and invest everything you have in the Great Commission. Go and tell all you meet about Jesus, and ensure they are saved from certain doom.

Father, I am sorry for getting distracted or not even realising this. Wake me up fully. Reveal my distractions so that I can identify and discard them with the rubbish, and show me what You want me to do. May Your kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. Whatever it takes for your kingdom, I’m in.

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Andrew is a multi-award winning pro-lifer and Australian correspondent for LifeSiteNews. Sprinkled as a Presbyterian, he escaped the Uniting Church and was later dunked as a Baptist. He now owns up to Glory Faith Family Church in Brisbane.

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