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North Queensland & Northern Territory prove Aboriginal people are Labor “Polling Booth Fodder”

15 July 2021

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Polling booth figures in far north Queensland and the Northern Territory provide an insight into the extent to which Aboriginal people are used as “polling booth fodder” by the Australian Labor Party, Your Life Your Vote: Take Control said today.

Your Life Your Vote: Take Control was launched in Australia last week, with the aim of stopping the Labor Party, the Greens, and other extreme Left-wing political movements from using Aboriginal votes to pursue ineffective economic policies and weird “woke” social ideas, which are not shared by the vast majority of Aboriginal people.

Your Life Your Vote: Take Control chair, Josephine Cashman, said voting patterns in communities consisting predominately of Aboriginal people show a big bias to Labor, and that’s been the case for decades now.

“This has produced little practical return or improvement in their lives and in most communities, things are getting worse. This is despite the Left establishing and controlling most Aboriginal policy and organisations for decades, since the 1970s. Aboriginal Australians are also disturbed by weird ideas that are now often described as ‘woke’, and which are being adopted and promoted by the Labor Party.”

In many Aboriginal communities around Australia, the Labor vote consistently ranges between 70 and 90 per cent — see community or mobile polling booth figures in Federal Divisions such as Leichhardt and Lingiari — yet most communities remain heavily impoverished and the majority of their residents have little real say and opportunity.

Sample results from Australia’s 2019 federal election

Division Booth Labor Primary % Labor 2PP %

Leichardt (Queensland) Aurukun 56 79

Lingiari (Northern Territory) Mobile 1 72.5 77

Mobile 8 61 75

Mobile 13 82.7 91.5

Mobile 15 87 90

Mobile 21 79.5 86

Leichhardt is a marginal seat, which swings between Labor and Liberal due to large settled areas on the coast and around Cairns cancelling out the Labor bias in Cape York communities. Lingiari, which covers most of the Northern Territory outside Darwin, has been held by Labor for many years.

Ms Cashman said Labor has been able to get away with this, despite the poor outcomes for many Aboriginal people, because it effectively silences elders and promotes elite groups and now, with the likes of Bruce Pascoe, even some race-shifters or faux-Aboriginals.

“For decades Labor has made sure the public funds and support gets to them, as these familiar entrenched elites, despite who’s in government, currently control Aboriginal affairs across the country. Aboriginal affairs is now a system full of double standards, weak regulation and policing.

In 2008, the Federal Government produced a report on Indigenous funding expenditure. Government funding per Aboriginal person has been double that of every other Australian since it has been recorded. The special funding for Indigenous disadvantage was introduced when the Labor Party established the Federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs in the 1970s.

A study in 2016 found that in less than 10 years, Federal, State and Territory taxpayer spending on Indigenous Australians increased in real terms by 20 per cent. This study found out of 1082 Indigenous specific programs, the vast majority (92 per cent) had not been evaluated to see whether they achieved objectives. Aboriginal people, and Australian taxpayers, have a right to expect measurable improvements from this increased funding. But, where are the results?

We are seeing something similar now with this so-called ‘Uluru Statement’ and Voice to Parliament. The truth is, this is unrepresentative and unpopular, but that doesn’t stop this cabal of Aboriginal elites and Left politicians. The same elites, responsible for the decades of failure, are pushing this divisive agenda. Why is Labor always promoting this failed leadership group? Why is Labor pushing the unrepresentative and unpopular ‘Uluru Statement’?

Enough is enough. We will be producing materials and holding events aimed at informing Aboriginal people about how they are being used by the extreme Left, with the aim of helping them walk away from the Labor Party and Greens.”

Your Life Your Vote: Take Control inaugural committee has representatives from most Australian States and Territories.

More information on Your Life Your Vote: Take Control can be found here.

It is also on social media:

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  1. Cushla 18 July 2021 at 12:07 am - Reply

    Brilliant work please keep at it this is what we need right now to make people especially indigenous aware of all that is going on and the consequences of their voting picks based on misinformation and bribery spoon fed to them by Labour and the Greens.

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