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A New Wave of God’s Love and Glory

13 February 2022

1.5 MINS

A new wave of God’s Love and Glory is washing over the earth, especially in Australia in Canberra and Adelaide.

March to the Canberra Parliament, ACT


Yesterday morning February 12, 2022, there was a stirring as two marches were divinely scheduled in two state capitals of Australia. I perceived in my spirit that this is significant as God is the Author and Perfector of our Faith. As I spent time with the Lord in worship, the vision unravelled more clearly.

Last Year’s Walk for Life – Love Adelaide


I saw a Judgement scale with the two bowls in God’s hand. On one bowl was the Kingdom mandate of God with the Love Adelaide march for the unborn, with which God is very pleased, and on the other was the Freedoms march against vaccine mandates, in Canberra.

I also saw a huge Sword raised up, with the Angel holding it, along with those men and women who are reading the Word of God in the Bible Marathon on the lawns of the Parliament House in Canberra.

The whole Parliament House and Canberra is a battlefront with the hordes of Hell. But God is saying checkmate to the devil, because Adelaide (the Spiritual Capital) is holding up His Love.

The Righteous Judge is about to give a verdict of His Justice and righteousness.

There is a ROAR of The LION of the tribe of Judah… as His people are Roaring with Him. God arising as a Man of War:

“The Lord shall go forth as a mighty man,
He shall stir up jealousy like a man of war:
He shall cry, yea, Roar;
He shall prevail against His enemies.”
~ Isaiah 42:13

Thundering and Lightning ⚡️ will strike the mark as His people declare and decree. The thrones of iniquity will come down and His mercy will flow like a river.

Miracles, signs and wonders are breaking forth, and the harvesting angels are moving with the sickles in the midst of these gatherings.

I see the Charge of the LIGHT HORSE once again…


Release this decree as the Ecclesia!

We decree to All the armies of God moving today in AUSTRALIA…

“In the name of the Lord, we will Pursue, Possess, Overtake and Recover All…

Wind of Glory, blow the Father’s Glory on Your people and the angelic armies with them for the turnaround victory.”


Photo by Bella White from Pexels.

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  1. Nel Farnik 13 February 2022 at 4:09 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this great, prophetic, insightful word Mollie. Shalom and blessings over you, your family and the Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit. Nel Farnik

  2. Stan 15 February 2022 at 10:30 am - Reply

    Yes , Thank you Molly. I was blessed by your post

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