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The New York Times Finally Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Real

18 March 2022

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Hunter Biden’s laptop was real all along. We all knew it, but it took the New York Times 18 months to come clean on this fact. Now consider the implications.

Eighteen months after it matters, the New York Times has finally admitted what almost everyone knew from day dot: that Hunter Biden’s abandoned and recovered laptop hard drive — along with its damning web of email evidence for Biden family corruption — was authentic.

Knowing the background to this story is crucial, not least because, by way of contrast, it makes Nixon’s Watergate scandal look like so much piffle.

One of the Greatest Scandals in American History

On the eve of the 2020 Trump-Biden election, the New York Post published key contents of Hunter Biden’s email inbox. Its series of reports suggested that Hunter and his dad — Joe Biden, then Vice President to Obama — had colluded to use the Biden family name to buy business influence in Ukraine.

Monetising the office of Vice President would have been an unforgivable sin for a Presidential candidate in normal circumstances. If the same dirt had been dug up on Donald Trump Jr, America’s national media would have buried the Trump family name overnight and ended any hope of Trump’s re-election. But not so for Biden.

Following the Post’s exposé, the national press pretended the story didn’t exist. Fifty former intelligence officials signed a dubious open letter suggesting that the laptop hard drive was “Russian disinformation”. And Big Tech platforms colluded to block any public discussion of the story.

Twitter was the worst of them, locking the New York Post, the oldest newspaper in America, out of its account for two weeks. Twitter claimed that the Post had published “hacked” materials and proceeded to hold the paper hostage, demanding it delete six tweets about Hunter’s laptop if it wanted its account reinstated for the remainder of the election season.

The NYT Running Cover for Biden, Inc.

In sync with the majority, rival outlet the New York Times immediately hosed down the story. “Is the Trump Campaign Colluding With Russia Again?” the Grey Lady asked at the time.

Fast forward to yesterday, and the Times has changed its tune. All too casually, the paper admitted to having possession of “a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. [Hunter] Biden in a Delaware repair shop”. Moreover, these emails “were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation”.

Given how severely the Times has in recent years soiled its once-stellar reputation, perhaps this admission means little. Yet to many, the New York Times remains ‘the paper of record’, carrying ‘all the news that’s fit to print’.

By confessing that Hunter Biden’s laptop was authentic all along, the Times has signalled to media across America and globally that every journalist and his dog is now free to concede the same. The narrative has been amended.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Real: So What?

This being true, consider the implications.

Biden was elected as U.S. President as vital information on his family’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine was being hidden from public view.

Twitter froze the New York Post’s account and blocked the breaking story on false pretences. Facebook did the same, impacting countless users.

CIA and former intelligence officials were trafficking in falsehoods when claiming that Hunter’s laptop was a product of “Russian disinformation”.

Tony Bobulinksi should have been believed when he provided evidence that Joe Biden knew about his son’s corrupt overseas business dealings.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald should not have been forced to resign from the Intercept, an outlet he co-founded, for seeking to publish what is now an undeniably true story.

Donald Trump was impeached for making what turns out to have been an entirely reasonable request — namely, asking Ukraine to investigate the Biden family’s business ventures.

Joe Biden has made himself blackmailable by foreign states and powerful oligarchs. Biden’s foreign policy moves (including his present involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war) may have as much to do with protecting his family empire as it does the security of the United States.

Based on what we now know, there is no way Joe Biden would pass security clearance for even a middling bureaucratic post in the U.S. government, let alone the role of Commander-in-Chief.

Brought to You By the Outlets That Define ‘Misinformation’

Had America’s national media told the truth about Joe Biden and his family’s financial villainy, there is every good reason to believe that Donald Trump would, still today, be President of the United States.

Here’s the real rub — and here’s how it affects all of us: the New York Times and media outlets of its ilk still today determine for the rest of us what qualifies as misinformation!

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