Trans Rights: Remaking Society in the Image of a Confused Few

4 April 2022

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Transgender ideology is based on a lie about the nature of human sexuality, a falsehood that has repercussions for all of society, trampling on women’s rights and general common sense. “Trans rights” are being spruiked throughout entertainment media, directed at the impressionable minds of our children. It’s time to push back.

Trans activists like to argue that theirs is the new frontier in civil rights — drawing inspiration from black and gay rights activists before them.

But the struggle for transgender rights is not at all like the struggle for racial or sexual equality. It is distinctly and profoundly different in this sense…

The civil rights movement did not seek to reclassify who is black and who is white. And the gay rights movement did not seek to reclassify who is same-sex attracted and who is straight.

Trans activists, on the other hand, insist that their brand new theories of “gender” which dropped out of the sky five minutes ago must be believed over the universally understood principle of biological sex. In other words, they seek nothing less than to reclassify how humans are categorised across every part of public life, in sports, prisons, bathrooms and hospitals.

If someone wants to be gay, who cares. I’m not. Live and let live.

But those who want to identify as trans are not prepared to live and let live. They insist on competing in and winning female swim championships, for instance, where they rob actual girls of potential college scholarships.

A Whole New World

While most of us have been going about our daily lives, a group of activists were quietly rewriting language and laws to completely recalibrate the human race. The few ordinary people who did object to what was going on were told, by their peers no less, that it was a fringe issue and that they should stop banging on about it.

I remember talking to friends about the trans issue a decade ago. They would roll their eyes and yawn. It was all so weird and all so fringe. Focus on more important issues, they would say.

Meanwhile, everyone from the police to the national broadcaster to multinational corporations were gladly agreeing to go along with the trans charade, not because it was the law, but because they wanted to be seen as loving and compassionate and virtuous.

Just a thought…

Who decided that “mothers” should be renamed “birthing parents”?

Who decided that workers should now include their preferred pronouns at the end of their emails?

Who decided that pretty much every online form for absolutely anything would ask if you were male, female or “other”?

And who decided that anyone who questioned the wisdom of any of this should be tarred and feathered and made a public pariah?

Social Engineering

Now Disney are boasting that they want fully half of their characters to be LGBTQ characters. You know, because children need to know Mickey Mouse’s sexual inclinations.

I read a prominent American ‘conservative’ today who said:

“Conservatives should pick fewer fights with Disney and more fights with things like poverty, poor schools, expensive healthcare, and inflation.”

It’s Disney who are picking a fight with parents.

Moreover, as if conservatives don’t care about poverty and other justice issues? Google “charitable giving by political affiliation”!

But I digress.

If you’re not interested in conserving your children’s innocence, you’re not much of a conservative. If you’re not interested in conserving your daughter’s ability to compete in female only sports, you’re not much of a conservative. If you’re not interested in conserving your wife’s ability to undress in the privacy of a female bathroom, you’re not much of a conservative.

And if you’re not interested in conserving the definition of male and female, what chance you’ll have anything of value to say about poverty or healthcare or inflation? Dude, you can’t (or won’t) even say what a woman is!

The fight for so-called trans rights is not about civil rights. Not even close. It is about remaking society in the image of a small number of sexually confused adults. It’s time to call it for what it is.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report. Photo by Rosemary Ketchum.

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