Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern: “Putin Takes the Left’s ‘Punch a Nazi’ to a Geopolitical Level”

5 April 2022

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Lauren Southern has produced an excellent video explaining the warped narrative surrounding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Progressives equate nationalism with Nazism, so they cannot understand that the majority of Ukrainians’ embrace of Christianity, closed borders and traditional family-friendly values is not the same as fascism. As a result, they have to paint Ukraine as a leftist society in order to support it.

Lauren Southern’s recent “what’s up with that?” exposition is an impressive critique of fake news.

Southern tackles legacy media’s transformation of Ukraine into a mythical leftist kingdom.

Legacy media’s cartoonish narrative? The land where the “progressively orthodox” used to frolic, is now being decimated by Gargamel’s fire-breathing, mechanical horde.

In the space of 13 minutes, the Canadian author and filmmaker dismantles this phantasmagoria.

The Real Picture

Ukraine’s demographic is made up primarily of nationalist, Christian conservatives (with a small number of neo-Nazi, “Azov” National Socialists mixed in), as Southern points out :

“The general population is family first, community first, closed borders, Christian Orthodox — like hardcore — 71% of Ukrainians are Christian, and gay marriage isn’t even legal. General polling put their ranking in regards to gender equality second last.”

This is why, Lauren argues, Western media cutting, pasting, and over-emphasising the cause of Ukrainian leftists is such an odd phenomenon. There’s an apparent quest to transform Ukraine into a mythical land of enlightened, “power-fisted” unicorns and (LGBTQ+) “rainbows”.

In sum, the fantasy doesn’t gel with the facts.

The question then, is why has legacy media smothered the actual with a more progressively palatable, artificial version of Ukraine?

Malicious Marxist Media

The answer begins with understanding just how plugged-in legacy media is to the vicious Leftist paradigm.

“It tells you,” Southern asserted,

“Unless Ukrainians are generally perceived as progressive, and their country as progressive, many Westerners would simply be incapable of sympathising with them in their struggle. The media cannot portray them as what they actually are, lest the public tell the Ukrainian people they deserve to be attacked, as they tell so many conservatives and right-wingers who have been assaulted over the years.”

Accurate enough. If Leftists were to support the true Ukraine, they’d be undermining every aspect of their culture war on the West.

If they don’t support Ukraine, everything they actually stand for will be revealed for the Marxian totalitarianism that it truly is.

Hence the need for the charade. The false narrative paints Ukraine as a martyr of the progressive political religion. Thus, furthering political advantages which benefit the Left’s war on Burkian Bible-based Classical Liberalism at home.

Lefty Leaders

While Ukraine burns, “sympathetic” Western leaders on the Left hand out “feel-good” virtue-signalling, vote-for-me lollipops to hide their COVIDian version of Putinian authoritarianism.

There are obvious political reasons for insisting on “giving Ukraine a new identity.” For the Left, including “leaders” like Joe Biden, Putin’s aggression is a public relations goldmine; an opportunity; a welcomed weapon of mass distraction.

In this sense, it could be argued that hubristic Leftist elites view the Russian autocrat as a useful idiot.

Of course, this would be a colossal mistake. Barring his blunder in Ukraine, Putin is careful, calculated, and charismatically clued in.

I’ve pointed out here, here, here and here, Putin (just like the Communist Chinese Party) knows how the culture war game is played. They know the right rhetoric to use, and the correct buttons to press.

They are savvy belligerents, who know how to play, and profit from the dysfunction and division in the West.

This runs into Lauren’s final home-run point.

Nationalism is Not Nazism

Southern picks up on the leftist “punch-a-Nazi” phase which swept through the latter part of the 2010s.

She then brilliantly joins the dots to Putin’s justifications for ramming his war machine with all guns blazing down the throats of Ukrainians, stating,

“Here comes good old Vladimir Putin out of nowhere with a spicy speech about how he needs to immediately de-nazify Ukraine.”

Southern adds,

“Putin might as well be right because most westerners who consume liberal media think that nationalism is akin to Nazism anyways.

They think being right-wing makes you associated with Nazism. So, Putin I suppose would just be taking punch a Nazi theory to a geopolitical level invading a Nazi to denazify them.

Forget any debate over nuance, any debate over whether it’s just one person in a larger group. Nope. Just punch him; just eliminate them like Trudeau would after he sees a confederate flag, right?”

The Globalist left has no moral leg to stand on, because Putin’s justification for bloodshed comes straight from the Left’s paramilitary playbook. It could therefore be argued that Putin’s war machine is simply just Antifa on steroids.

Without the carefully crafted legacy media mythic version of Ukraine, Leftists would be — by their own flippant, reckless use of the term Nazi — unable to oppose Putin’s war, because their four-year anti-Trump, fanatical embrace of Antifa, alongside the virtue posturing hashtag “punch-a-Nazi”, aligns them with Putin’s own fabricated (Soviet-era) anti-fascist façade.


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