Beware the Great Reset

6 April 2022

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The Great Reset is real and is the most sinister threat we now face. Glenn Beck has written a mesmerising, well-researched tome on the global machinations eliminating our basic freedoms.

Those who have been following the alarming agenda of the Great Reset — if even by simply visiting the World Economic Forum website — know just what a shocking and dangerous thing this is.

I have already written a number of articles sounding the alarm about it, the WEF, and Klaus Schwab. As such, a fair amount of familiar ground will be found in this new volume by Beck. But it is well worth acquiring. It is easy to read, covers most of the bases, and is well-documented (with over 500 footnotes). So for those who want a good one-volume exposé of this insidious movement, this is the place to begin. Great Reset Indeed, it is among the earliest full-length discussions to appear, although I am aware of other books that have just come out or are soon to be released on this topic. And not a moment too soon. This is one of the most sinister and diabolical movements we now face.

Remoulding the World Economy

Early on in the book, Beck explains what this is all about:

The Great Reset is a proposal that is breathtaking in its scope. Its backers support altering nearly every part of society, from the cars we drive to the food we eat to the news reports we watch on television. Its core foundation was shaped almost entirely by a small, extremely wealthy and well-connected group of people, one that includes highly influential business leaders, environmentalists, government officials, and bankers. The goal of the Great Reset is both shocking and wildly ambitious: to transform the global economy, eliminate free markets, impose a new, more easily controllable and malleable economic system, and change the way people think about private property and corporations. The reset part of the Great Reset is an allusion to “pushing the reset button” on the global economy — and boy, do they want to push that sucker hard.

What Marxists and other haters of the West have not been able to do, Schwab and the WEF seem to be effortlessly pulling off. The Great Reset really is the culmination of the dream and plans of the globalist elites — where others have failed, this seems like it has a real chance of succeeding. Unless of course, enough ordinary men and women wake up and fight back.

Global Elites

Indeed, the number of bigwigs supporting this — from Prince Charles to the UN secretary-general, to the head of the IMF and the CEO of BP, to name but a few — is alarming. When you have folks like Bill Gates, George Soros, Al Gore, John Kerry, the heads of Microsoft and other mega-corporations and tech giants involved, then you know we have a real fight on our hands. This is ultimately about political and economic power and control — on a global scale. Beck reminds us that the use of capitalist-sounding language should not fool us. This movement is anti-free market and anti-private property. Thus the famous phrase by one of its acolytes:

“You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

Ultimate Control

Because the Great Reset is seeking to transform the entire world — politically, economically, culturally and socially — and bring every single one of us under its dominion, this really is a new and dangerous kind of fascism. Says Beck:Great Reset book

The Great Reset will not necessarily require the mass imprisonment of dissenters, nationwide confiscation of businesses, or a bloody revolution. It can achieve authoritarian goals without jackbooted storm troopers or gulags, and it includes just enough elements of cronyism and payouts to global elites to make the system palatable to the world’s wealthiest and most well-connected people. It is a kind of authoritarian, international, socialistic fascism, yes, but it’s not Marx’s socialism or the fascistic models embraced by Benito Mussolini. It is authoritarianism for our brand-new technology-rich, corrupt era. It is twenty-first century fascism.

Despite all its ‘humanitarian’ rhetoric, this “is not really about helping the poor or saving the planet. It is about making the rich richer and expanding the power of the ruling class — goals that many elites have shared across cultures, historical eras, and geographies.”

Pandemic Panic

The book’s second chapter looks at how the Covid crisis became the perfect vehicle to help achieve the aims of Schwab and Co. Indeed, Beck quotes the same memorable phrase that I and others were repeating two years ago at the start of the pandemic:

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Our elites and political class and media sure did not waste it. They milked it to the max. And the scary Brave New World scenarios we saw unfold — from draconian lockdowns to the massive loss of basic freedoms and human rights — would have pleased our overlords no end. They now know how easily the masses can be manipulated and coerced — all by ramping up the fear factor. The 1984 sort of tyranny we experienced — all in the name of keeping us safe — proved to be the perfect dry run for what the globalists can and will do — and most folks will not even bat an eyelash. The destruction of the economy during the Covid hysteria was just one casualty. As Beck puts it:

“By issuing stay-at-home orders and their other wildly authoritarian mandates, governments did not merely harm America’s economy; they shot the economy in the head and callously dumped its body in the East River, Godfather-style.”

While the big corporations and Big Government did quite all right over the past two years, it was small business that was trashed:

“… the reason corporations were preserved and small businesses destroyed is because in the grand new ‘stakeholder’ economy dreamed up by the elites in Davos and Biden’s White House, corporations could easily be controlled. Manipulating tens of millions of small business owners would be much more difficult.”

Indeed, the “real reason there are so many corporate and financial industry interests lining up to promote the Great Reset is because of money and power — the true driving force behind the Reset.” And the ongoing push for a cashless society will not only ensure more power and control to the elites, but will make control of the masses even easier — and sinister. In true Chinese Communist social credit style, to have basically every transaction and movement we make monitored by Big Brother, this will be totalitarianism on a scale that we have not yet experienced.

Climate Catastrophising

A number of chapters look at the economic fallout from what the WEF is trying to bring about, and it sure does not look good. Beck reminds us how other ‘emergencies’ are being exploited to push for more globalist control over the world. The hype about climate change is, of course, the main means being used by these elites to panic the masses into giving up their freedoms and way of life:

This climate hysteria has also been driven to new heights in recent years due to the effects of a death spiral of common sense that works a little something like this: Elites and their well-funded allies in environmental groups and, in some cases, academia make increasingly absurd predictions about climate collapse. The news media dutifully reports it as though God had handed the predictions down from heaven on stone tablets. Although an ever-larger group of people, especially children, have started to believe the predictions, most adults still reject them. In an attempt to scare those skeptical Americans into believing ‘the science’ on climate change, the doomsday predictions and rhetoric get more extreme. ‘Oh, flooding cities won’t do it for them. How about a baked earth? That will do it, I bet.’

Fight Together

Beck does not leave us in complete despair, however. His final chapter offers things that concerned citizens can do and policies that can be pursued to help head off this new totalitarian threat. And he reminds us that the little guy — especially when they band together — often can win:

“The history of America has been shaped by ordinary men and women refusing to back down when forced to confront seemingly overwhelming odds. From sit-ins at segregated lunch counters to the beaches of Normandy, when Americans stand for the truth and against authoritarianism, they win.”

This is a much-needed book. The first step to turning back this great evil is to know as much as we can about it. Thank you, Glenn Beck, for helping us so very well in this regard. ___ Originally published at CultureWatch. Photo by Anna Shvets.

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