Martyn Iles Joins Canberra Declaration’s Zoom Call Tonight

Martyn Iles will be joining the Canberra Declaration on our Zoom prayer call tonight. Join us as we pray for the upcoming federal election.

The federal election is just around the corner. From a hint that Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently dropped, it seems very likely we will be going to the polls on Saturday 14th May. This means it’s time to pray.

On tonight’s Canberra Declaration Zoom prayer call, we will be joined by Martyn Iles, the ACL’s Managing Director. Martyn will give us his insights into the upcoming election and how we can best be praying for God-glorifying results. The call begins at 8pm (AEDT) this Wednesday 6th April at this Zoom link.

Martyn Iles and Other Prayer Leaders To Share

Martyn Iles hosts the immensely popular online series, ‘The Truth of It‘, which has seen over 8 million views on YouTube and millions more on Facebook.

The series explores major news stories and cultural developments in Australia and globally from a biblical standpoint. Martyn has also been on tour around Australia for ‘The Truth of It’ LIVE, with more events planned soon. Safe to say, what he shares with us tonight will be well worth hearing, so please join us!

In addition to hearing from Martyn Iles, we will be joined by a host of Australian prayer leaders. Ps Margaret Court, Brian Pickering, Ps Jenny Hagger and Commissioner James Condon will share about the upcoming election and help lead us in prayer. We will end the evening by taking communion together in prayer for Australia. The details for the call are:

Date: Wednesday 6th April, 2022
Time: 8pm (AEDT)
Zoom Link: HERE

Returning to the Blessing of Almighty God

Over 190 seats will be up for grabs at next month’s election – 151 in the lower house and 40 in the Senate. We don’t just want the right party and Prime Minister in power. We hope to see as many of these seats as possible filled by people who will pay a high personal price to protect the Christ-inspired values of life, faith, marriage, family, and freedom – values that have made Australia such a blessed nation since its inception.

Isaiah 9:6 speaks of the government being upon Jesus’ shoulders. This has a future application, when Jesus returns to establish his kingdom. But Isaiah’s words also have an application in the here-and-now. Our nation gets to decide whether we want to establish ourselves on the shifting sands of human opinion, or on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

Australia was originally founded under “the blessing of Almighty God” – those famous words that appear in the preamble to our Constitution. Our prayer is that we will return to God and live under that blessing once again. Please join us in praying to that end.

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