Keep a Straight Face, and Repeat After Me: ‘Men Need Abortions …’

10 May 2022

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Pro-choice LGBTQ ideological chants about men needing abortions are yet another sign of the world being topsy-turvy. People are increasingly disconnected from nature and reality. It is both alarming and amusing.

Just because you say something, even emphatically, doesn’t make it true.

The National Women’s Law Centre, a Washington-based non-profit organisation advocating for women and for LGBTQ rights, tweeted:

In case you didn’t hear it right the first time:

People of all genders need abortions.

People of all genders need abortions.

People of all genders need abortions.

People of all genders need abortions.

People of all genders need abortions.

People of all genders need abortions.

I love how the National Women’s Law Centre think the problem here is that others are “not hearing it right the first time”.

Oh we heard you right. And we can’t stop laughing at you.


Help me understand. Explain it to me like I’m a child (that you didn’t abort). If one of the many other genders becomes pregnant, where does the foetus develop? Is it in the prostate?

Someone needs to advise the silly intern running the law centre’s Twitter feed that repeating a falsehood, ad nauseam, doesn’t make a truism. Clicking your heels while repeating things over and over only works for Dorothy.

For an organisation that has the word “women” in its name, the law centre sure doesn’t like talking about them.

The tweet should serve as a warning to people of all genders to avoid legal advice from lawyers who prefer to make arguments using social constructs rather than using clearly defined terms.

What I think the National Women’s Law Centre was trying to say was that women — members of the only sex that would ever seek an abortion — are capable of behaving in a myriad of ways, some of which defy traditional stereotypes of femininity. That’s something we settled a long time ago.

So Inclusive


Planned Parenthood is another organisation claiming people other than women may need abortion services. This is from a recent blog post on their website…

“Anyone who can get pregnant can have an abortion. But for people who are marginalized because of their gender identity, gender expression, or gender nonconformity, getting an abortion in an often gendered health care system can be difficult already, and femininized language like ‘women’s health care’ only makes that experience more difficult. 

You can have men pretending to need abortions, or you can have women pretending to be men needing abortions. Those are your options.


In case you think it’s just activist groups pushing the idea that men can become pregnant and so need abortion clinics, The Washington Post ran an article last week warning trans men could still get pregnant even while on hormone therapy.

Apparently, if one man has vaginal sex with another man, it is possible the man with the vagina can get pregnant, even while identifying as a man.

But rather than admit the man with the vagina whose eggs have been fertilised and who now has a baby growing in his womb is in fact a woman, The Washington Post prefers to deny biology, mangle language and treat the public like fools.

Wait. Maybe that’s not quite right. Try this. Repeat out loud after me…

The Washington Post is credible

The Washington Post is credible

The Washington Post is credible

The Washington Post is credible

The Washington Post is credible

The Washington Post is credible

Nope. It’s not working. I’m still laughing.

Perhaps the sole consolation of having to live through this period in human history is how funny everything is.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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