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Let Them In the Country! But Not Into My Home!

19 September 2022

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Now we see that the Left isn’t all that compassionate toward illegal immigrants after all.

The Left love to talk about how loving and compassionate they are. They are always promoting causes that show how much they care about others. Whatever the issue, they like to take the high moral ground as they seek to convince us that they are so very kind and caring.

The rhetoric, however, does not match the reality. They always expect others to do the hard yards. Take their ‘save the planet’ policies. They claim we are overpopulated and radical steps must be taken to get our numbers way down. Yet for some reason, they never lead by example here, instead expecting us peons to be willing cannon fodder.

Or take their demands that we fly less, drive less, stop eating meat, and so on. Um, why is it that they always expect us to do these things while they continue to fly around in their private jets to climate conferences and to Davos for another WEF gabfest? I bet they do not eat insects at those meetings, but very nice, expensive steaks.

Open Arms?

Their open border policy is a prime example of this hypocrisy, especially in the United States. Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the Left are all for these illegal migrants while demonising concerned Americans. ‘You must be more compassionate! All these poor folks fleeing to America must be allowed in, no questions asked. How can we be so heartless and cruel to deny them entry?’

Again, such nice-sounding rhetoric. But when did you ever see a lefty actually offer an illegal alien the keys to their home and the keys to their cars? If they are so keen on showing some compassion, why don’t they actually do it instead of just talking about it?

I am reminded of when my wife and I visited my home state of Wisconsin back in May of 2019. We spent some time in the capital city Madison. It is a pretty place and it is a university town. As I said in a piece back then:

It has long been known as a hotbed of radical leftism. … During the radical 60s the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus was right up there with all the student rioting and Marxist revolution, along with places like the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University in New York…

Madison is still much the same today. Now it is filled with a lot of ageing hippies and still tends to vote for leftist candidates and political parties. As my wife and I walked along the pretty streets of Madison just recently we noticed many homes had various signs proudly displayed in their front yards. One of them said this:


So typical of all the lefties in Madison. These signs were ubiquitous. And vacuous as well. Consider the fourth line: this of course refers to illegal migrants. These folks hated Trump with a passion and despised his attempt to secure the border as he insisted that people come into America properly and legally.

So all the raging lefties in Madison of course demanded open borders and no walls in America’s southern states. But as I say, I never seemed to see any of these folks telling such migrants that they could stay at their home free of charge for as long as they liked. The flowery rhetoric of these signs never seemed to bear any resemblance to reality.

Take Responsibility

I am writing all this because something very interesting — and all rather humorous — is happening right now in the US concerning illegals. Those states that are most impacted by these open border policies are starting to fight back. The conservative Republican governors of Texas (Greg Abbott) and Florida (Ron DeSantis) are forcing the left to put up or shut up.

They are moving these illegals to their own territory, most notably the home of the uber-left, Martha’s Vineyard in leftist Massachusetts. Ya gotta laugh. All of a sudden all these bleeding hearts are not talking so much about compassion and care. They are quite upset in fact. ‘Hey, when I said we should take in all these illegals, I did not mean in MY house!’

Martha’s Vineyard is, of course, known as the summer destination of the rich and powerful. Plenty of lefty big wigs have homes there — folks like Barack Obama and John Kerry. Other leftist hot spots like New York and Washington DC are also having busloads and planeloads of migrants being shipped there, much to the great concern of the Democrat residents.

Gotta love it. Hmm, where are all those signs now about “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL”? Let me draw upon just one commentator here. Tucker Carlson really nailed it when he pointed out how the racism of the Democrats is showing up big time in their reaction to all this. Here is part of his 20-minute monologue:

Finally, a happy story for once. Outbursts of irrepressible joy erupted throughout the exclusive island community of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, last night. For hundreds of years, Martha’s Vineyard has suffered from the soul crushing effects of its own Whiteness. Island residents understood there was only one cure. They badly needed diversity. In fact, they often said so, but despite their very best efforts over many years, diversity never came to Martha’s Vineyard. It was tragic.

Imagine an 18th century British frigate adrift on the high seas with no lines, sailors slowly going mad, convulsing, dying, excruciating deaths from scurvy. That was Martha’s Vineyard, except it wasn’t lime juice they lacked. They had plenty of that because you can’t make a gin and tonic without it.

What Martha’s Vineyard lacked was diversity, which is to say strength. Martha’s Vineyard was a very weak place. As of yesterday morning, that island was 89% White, monochromatic and utterly homogenous. Nearly everybody there was a rich Democrat. 80% voted for Joe Biden. The median home price was over $1,000,000. And then in a single blessed moment, everything changed. Relief arrived for an unlikely source.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, having made his own state a paradise, decided to help other states desperately in need. So yesterday, the center sent 50 illegal aliens, most of them from Venezuela, to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

He speaks about the Obamas and their attempt to bring ‘colour’ to Martha’s Vineyard:

The point is to diversify Martha’s Vineyard, to strike a blow for justice. That makes sense to us and we felt better.

But then last night happened and we started to rethink our assumptions about the Obamas, about a lot of things, because a planeload of highly diverse immigrants arrived on Martha’s Vineyard to join the Obamas, but the Obamas didn’t welcome them. There was not a word from Barack or Michelle Obama. Barack wasn’t waiting at the airport to greet the diversifiers with flowers. He didn’t issue a statement of congratulations. He didn’t invite a single Venezuelan to his home. How come?

Could it be that Barack Obama isn’t really actually in real life in favor of diversity at all? Could it be that Barack Obama strongly prefers blond SoulCycle moms and Lululemon to sweaty Third World campesinos and dirty work pants? Could it be? We can’t say. But we can tell you that if you want to find out what people really think, go ahead and ignore what they say and watch how they live and by that measure, the one that matters, Barack and Michelle Obama are every bit as bigoted as any board member in any restricted country club in the Deep South, assuming those still exist. “Those people? They’re not dating my daughter. I could tell you that.”

So, the words we learned this week that Barack Obama really is a racist and not in the way you’ve always assumed. Obama may hate White people. He certainly seems to, but he also demands to live around them and only them. But the Obamas, to be fair, are not alone in this. His friends at the news networks in Washington, New York and Los Angeles feel exactly the same way because they’re exactly the same sort of people. CNN, for example, spent the day interviewing people connected in some way to Martha’s Vineyard. Turns out that precisely none of them were excited about the planeload of Venezuelans. One of them, the state rep for the island, even blamed this show for the sudden blessed surge in diversity…

Local law enforcement services won’t be strained either because they won’t be needed. None of these new arrivals will be bound by local laws. Why would they be? They ignored federal law to get here. There’s no reason that they should have to observe the vineyard’s ordinances against, say, drunk driving or defecating in public and just in case, there are still vineyarders who think they have the right to protect what they own, think again, people.

We refer you to the case of the fascist McCloskey family in St. Louis who once tried that, tried to defend what’s theirs, and they got indicted for it, so that’s not allowed. But we can’t fully trust you. Somebody’s going to have to go door-to-door to make sure that not one person on Martha’s Vineyard keeps a gun at home because self-defense can be tempting even for Democratic voters.

There’s a lot of change for the Vineyard and they’re going to start work soon. The summer season begins on Memorial Day. So, when Amy Schumer shows up to her place in June, she better be ready to find an illegal alien family using her bath towels. Yes, she will and let’s hope she doesn’t complain about it, because as Joe Biden often reminds us, illegal immigration is a gift.

He concludes:

Why should they be living outside your house when they could be camped on Barack Obama’s $12 million lawn? That seems fair. Why isn’t it fair? Well, unfortunately, don’t expect Obama to see it the same way. He is a racist as we’ve established, and so apparently are his fellow liberals. They are outraged by the idea of illegal aliens near their island vacation homes.

Before long, they’ll be tweeting in solidarity with the Vineyard’s White community. “Hashtag, I stand with Martha’s Vineyard.” Little Island emojis in their bios. Hilarious. That could actually happen, by the way, because in the end, liberals really do stand with Martha’s Vineyard against everyone else and honestly, on some level, we can kind of understand why…

No sane country would allow millions of foreign nationals to walk across its borders illegally and then immediately give them government benefits in exchange for mocking our rule of law. No one would ever do that. It is suicide. Over time, it will destroy the United States. Everyone can see that, no matter what they say, but the people who vacation on Martha’s Vineyard don’t care.

They are making this possible. They support it. They vote for it. They fund it, and they can do all of that because they are so insulated from the effects of Joe Biden’s lunatic immigration policies that none of it matters to them. The country collapses? Big deal. They live on an island.

But to the rest of us, it is a big deal. This is our country. We were born here. We planned to die here. We have nowhere else to go, and we don’t want to live in a slum. Maybe Martha’s Vineyard will finally understand.

Carlson’s piece is a must-watch assessment of leftist hypocrisy, racism, and the shameless moral pomposity and posturing of the Democrats. And why are we not surprised about all this?


And in just 24 hours, they were deported!


Originally published at CultureWatch. Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash.

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