Stop Medical Censorship

Australian Medical Censorship Campaign Censored!

Press Release from the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society
Within 48 hours of launching our new campaign against the Queensland Health Bill entitled “Stop Medical Censorship”, key social media channels removed the campaign pages and blocked personal accounts associated with them, along with every post related to the points our doctors and patients were raising.

It seems the key trigger was the release of a video featuring 10 different medical professionals voicing their specific concerns related to the “Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment 2022” Bill due for its second reading and debate on Tuesday the 11th of October, 2022.

“How are we going to get our elected representatives to hear us,” asked campaign convenor and AMPS Secretary Kara Thomas, “If we can’t disseminate the information easily with fellow doctors consumers, patients… i.e. those constituents who have a right to express their misgivings to their MPs?”

The Australian Medical Professionals’ Society has struck significant censorship moves before, particularly with Facebook and YouTube.

“We have delivered submissions, held meetings and made direct calls and emails to MPs, often to no avail,” Thomas says.

“We know that if they heard from the vast number of patients and other doctors who share our valid concerns, that they would be compelled to consider their vote more conscientiously.”

Media are invited to attend a doorstop press conference outside Queensland Parliament House on Tuesday the 11th of October from 12:30 to 1pm. Two medical representatives from the campaign will be speaking to the key messages, which will be launched on the StopMedicalCensorship website tomorrow as well.

In the meantime, material can also be found on the following platforms:

TikTok | Twitter | Gettr | Gab

President of the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS), Dr Christopher Neil, says:

“Our hope is that medical professionals be heard by MPs so that we can preserve science-based healthcare without political agendas.”

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  1. Kaylene Emery 10 October 2022 at 11:20 pm - Reply

    So refreshing to see doctors with integrity uniting thank you .

    • Kaylene Emery 10 October 2022 at 11:28 pm - Reply

      PS…Graham Hood said it really well at the Melbourne Ground rally today ” get a backbone Australia ” and let’s stand up to those who seek to destroy democracy .

  2. Kaylene Emery 11 October 2022 at 7:24 am - Reply

    I return to this article because I have met so many doctors n nurses who have signed up to medicalised harm under the guise of “ just following orders “ so the very existence of this group testify to the grace and mercy of God.

    • Carol 11 October 2022 at 7:15 pm - Reply

      Amen, let’s support them in prayer!

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