Great Southland Revival

Join Us for the Online Prayer Launch of ‘Great Southland Revival’

Great Southland Revival, our latest book telling the story of Australia’s many revivals, has been sent to the printers this week! You are invited to join us for the online Prayer Launch this Wednesday, 23rd November, at 8 pm (AEDT), using this Zoom link.

As well as hearing us share about the book, you will have a chance to listen to various Australian and international Christian leaders who have read and endorsed Great Southland Revival. They include Jenny Hagger, Dr Mark Harwood, Graeme Blaiklock and Pastor Jeff Daly from the USA.

Jenny Hagger has called Great Southland Revival “an exciting, glorious account of the manifestation of heaven upon earth”.

According to Mark Harwood, “Kurt and Warwick have provided a comprehensive survey of revivals through the ages, dispelling many myths along the way, and revealing wonderful accounts of the Holy Spirit at work in the hearts of people from every ethnic group and nation.”

Graeme Blaikock wrote, “I commend Great Southland Revival to every passionate follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Jeff Daly said, “Great Southland Revival is a book I could not put down.”

A Readable, Shareable Book

After a year of research, interviews and writing, Great Southland Revival was finally sent to the printers this week. We couldn’t be happier with the result. As we have confessed in the book’s acknowledgements:

When we first set out to write Great Southland Revival, it felt like we were co-piloting a humble little Cessna. As the months wore on and the scope of this project grew, we soon realised we were at the helm of a 747 and were trying to land our plane on an outback airstrip.

It has been an ambitious project to fit so many important details into a short, readable, shareable book. Our intention was not to write a history book (though we strove for historical accuracy) but a personal, story-driven account. Every chapter opens with a warm, insightful human story that relates to the historical period covered in that chapter.

A Nation Forged by Revival

Great Southland Revival begins with a brief exploration of the topic of revival. In the book’s first half, we aim to summarise all of the major revivals in world history, from the spiritual awakenings in the Old Testament and the day of Pentecost all the way through to the Welsh Revival in the early 1900s.

In the second half of the book, we recount all the significant revivals that have taken place around Australia since European settlement in 1788. Many of these are still unknown to most Australians. They deserve to be known and read widely.

One of the conclusions we have reached in writing Great Southland Revival is not just that revivals have been a frequent occurrence in Australia’s history, but that Australia itself cannot be explained apart from the spiritual awakenings that have taken place here. When we write in the blurb that “Australia is a nation forged in the furnace of revival,” we really mean it!

Join Us for the Prayer Launch

We cannot wait to get this book into the hands of as many Australians as possible. We believe it could be a game-changer for our nation if the Holy Spirit breathes upon it.

Moreover, we can’t wait to share with you about Great Southland Revival this Wednesday night, 23rd November. Join us at 8 pm (AEDT) on this Zoom link. Don’t miss out!

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  1. Kaylene Emery 23 November 2022 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    It must be such a joy to have this massive task complete KurtnWarwick.
    I am really looking forward to opening that first page….I feel as though it’s already a part of me. Or am I a part of it ?
    Regardless, Mazel Tov.

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