Conservatism, Christianity and Individualism: Not a Good Mix

7 December 2022

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A conservatism that focuses on individual freedom as the supreme virtue can only undermine Christianity, in the long run.

If you emphasise freedom from government overreach, then it is a small step to seeing the need to free individuals from the reach of religion.

The result is either the abandonment of religion altogether, or individuals interpreting religious texts and doctrines however they want.

A Fine Balance

A conservatism that focuses on institutions, tradition and structures of authority is much more compatible with Christianity, which ultimately depends on these things, particularly in its church life and organisation, its view of morality, its teaching, etc.

However, this approach can lead to failures to address institutional sin and abuses of authority in both government and church, and in the worst case scenario, being complicit in political or religious totalitarianism.

There is no risk-free politics, whether thought or action, so one must choose their poison.


Originally published on Dr Jonathan Cole’s page.

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