Coles Australia’s Current Homage to the LGBT Cult is Absurd

24 February 2023

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Coles Australia’s current homage to LGBTism is another strong lesson in the absurdity of woke capitalism.

Seeking to dazzle “the phobes” with their assumed moral superiority, the Australian supermarket is proudly declaring: “Everyone Is Welcome at Our Table.”

The Coles Group PRIDE network campaign is part of an ongoing partnership with WorldPride and the Sydney LGBT Mardi Gras.

Retail news Convenience magazine was told by David Brewster, Coles’ Chief Legal and Safety officer,

“The Coles family table is a big one. A table of that size comes with a lot of diversity all working towards a shared goal of inclusion.”

He added,

“We want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves at work or shopping in our stores and our aim is to support positive mental health outcomes.”


Coles Australia’s campaign is related to LGBT lobby group ACON’s “Welcome Here” project, pressuring businesses to identify as “allies”, which presumably means non-ACON members are enemies.

Participating members ‘receive the Welcome Here rainbow stickers and charter to display in a prominent place to let everyone know that LGBTIQ diversity is not just ‘welcomed’ but ‘celebrated within their business.’

Businesses signing up to take the oath of LGBT loyalty pay a $15 fee for the privilege of membership.

In return, ACON rewards businesses with a project pack and the reminder that they’ve committed to elevating LGBTism throughout the workplace by having “diversity days throughout the year.”

The reasoning for ACON’s safe space program is similar to the now defunct, national community-organised Safety House Program.

Kids who felt threatened could locate a friendly house to shelter in, by looking for the SHP-approved sticker.

Coles ACON Safety House program

Responses on Facebook to a competition asking for 100 words on what “Everyone is welcome at our table” means to them, were summed up by a repetitive “everyone means everyone”.

Note the nonsense this shares with “love is love”, then define “everyone is welcome”.

Empty Words

It’s unlikely Coles would welcome a customer in a Nazi uniform (and rightly so).

It’s also unlikely Coles would welcome a homeless person bedding down for the night. The same could be said about the penniless hungry, helping themselves to a free feed.

Closer to the point, nothing says “not everyone is welcome” quite like a stale old “jab or job” mandate. The company’s COVID policy is still in place.

As a Coles spokesman told The Financial Review in January,

“We continue to encourage our customers and team members to maintain COVID-safe behaviours.”

It’s worth asking: how is an instant “hell no” from Coles to any jobseeker without a jab passport, “Welcoming everyone to their table?”

Not everyone is welcome at their table.

Go to the source of Coles Australia’s corporate activism: if you’re not their ally — so the LGBT acronym army tells us — you’re their enemy.

Excluded from the table are those who uphold traditional marriage. Those who refuse to live by the lie that “kids don’t need a mum and a dad, just love.” As well as those who question the more pungent propaganda: “chest-feeding”, “men can get pregnant”, and “women can have a penis”.

While shopping at Coles today, I raised these objections and could see the vehement disapproval.

The nod to “how dare you!” was only defused by my parting ways with the service assistant because my subtotal settled.

Cut through the lies, and the digital rainbows reveal themselves to be a deafening and discordant symphony of sheer stupidity.

If no one is welcome to hold an opposing point of view, how can everyone be “welcome at their table?”

For all the good Coles does in supporting communities, their PRIDE Incorporated campaign is a total fraud.


Photo by Anna Shvets.

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  1. Kaylene Emery 24 February 2023 at 9:05 am - Reply

    It’s impossible not to be invigorated by your writing Rod.
    Coles have been behind , and immersed in this evil for years and like so many predators today, they come out of hiding into the Light.
    May God guide each of us to His will in all things as we continue on.

  2. Jim Twelves 24 February 2023 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    Rod, thank you so much for this. I am so glad your pointed out the Coles’ hypocrisy in not welcoming those whose’ household budget has been stretched too thin and they have to leave a bag full at the till as they don’t have enough to pay.
    It is so sad that these ‘corporations’ are so well funded and organized in their campaigns that even the big and the mighty can’t make a move without them.
    This story reminds me of the sell out to the green agenda by Woolworth. what if we don’t buy it? I guess ALDI and IGA will be next. Shalom, Jim

  3. Seventh generation Australian 26 February 2023 at 12:39 am - Reply

    Excellent post. The duopoly & woke values between Coles And Woolworths is alive and well where our family lives. Why can’t we have an option in where we shop? The 5 closest supermarkets to us are all Woolworths. The ACCC is a useless bureaucracy when trying to maintain some semblance of competition .
    Never would I have thought I’d see the day where an Australian supermarket would be promoting homosexuality.

  4. Leonie Robson 27 February 2023 at 10:33 am - Reply

    Who would have thought that Coles and Woolworths starved all these people all of these years by not allowing LGB to purchase groceries!
    Who’d a thunk it!
    What a virtue signalling bunch of frauds.

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