Born Again for Loving Relational Discipleship – Day 8

8 May 2023

2.7 MINS


To embrace our calling as relational disciple-makers.


“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples.”

– Matthew 28:18–19


Prior to His ascension, Jesus informed His followers of their mission once He returned to His heavenly Father. It was to go and make disciples of all men. This instruction contains two actions that we must follow if we are to embrace and implement His instructions to us.

The first is to go. That infers a positive action on our part, to see and use our daily walk as an opportunity to engage on that journey with those with whom we interact, sharing the love of Jesus with all we meet along the way.

The second instruction is to “make disciples”. This infers a stronger interaction with those we meet. Not only do we show the love of Jesus by the way we interact but once we establish a relationship, we encourage friends or family to take a journey of discovery in finding out who Jesus is and how a relationship with Him can change our lives.

We then commit to walk alongside them by teaching them about Jesus and by introducing them to others who can also assist along the way, helping them to become a member of a believing community with whom they can share the experiences of life.

‘Making disciples’ does not mean just bringing others to a one-time ‘decision for Christ’. It involves continuous learning and growing together. It involves increasingly understanding what God has done in sending Jesus to die for our sins. It involves continually embracing our calling to serve Him.

All of us who call ourselves Christian are called to share in this task. As part of our own journey of faith, we should regularly ask ourselves whom God has in mind for us to meet as we go along. We seek to make disciples of our family, our neighbours, our co-workers, and indeed our whole world. And when we doubt or struggle in this task, Jesus promises that the authority of heaven will support us in it – always.




Lord Jesus, we want to hear and follow You. Help us to be Your disciples, learning from You how to encourage others, so that we may make disciples of them as we go along. 

Give us a natural ability to share our faith so that we do not turn people off, but allow Your love to shine through us so that people are attracted to You.

Give us the confidence and boldness to ‘go’ and the joy of seeing someone with whom we have shared our journey, come to faith in Christ.


Brian-PickeringAuthor Bio

Brian grew up in Wingham, NSW. After school Brian started a career in banking, progressing through the ranks to become a senior executive. At about 40, Brian knew God was calling him to intercessory prayer. He is now the National Coordinator of the Australian Prayer Network, which facilitates, trains and encourages as many as 100,000 intercessors.

Prayer Points and Purpose for GO 2023 in May

  1. To worship Jesus and give extravagant praise to God. Heb 12:28–29
  2. Pray that the Lamb who was slain might receive the reward for His suffering. Rev 5:6–14
  3. Pray for revival for Australia and for millions to find Christ. Isa 64:1–2
  4. Pray for revival for Israel and millions to find Christ. Rom 10:1
  5. Pray for five friends to find Christ and share the gospel with those five in May. Matt 28:18–20

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