The Beauty of Hiddenness – Day 12

12 May 2023

3.5 MINS


Shift the Nation: 24/7 Prayer 12–22 May 2023


The beauty of hiddenness is birthed in the overwhelming glory of the One in whom we are found.


“One thing have I asked of the Lord,
that will I seek after:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord
and to inquire in his temple.”

 – Psalm 27:4

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”

– Proverbs 25:2


Our world is completely obsessed with self, and that obsession drives the heart and soul to stop at virtually nothing to be noticed, admired and praised.

The idea of being hidden in our Western culture is a cursed thought. Within Christian circles, we are savvy enough to know that we should at least appear to understand the value of hiddenness. We read the accounts of Joseph in an Egyptian jail, Elisha ploughing a field, or David on the hills of Bethlehem looking after sheep.

The trap comes when we view their journey of hiddenness as a stepping stone to the really important parts of their purpose and calling. When we see these Bible heroes leading nations, slaying giants, and operating in the double portion of the prophetic, it is easy to forget that in our relationship with Jesus, He is enough – regardless of how we express our faith and service to the world.

The beauty of hiddenness is birthed in the overwhelming glory of the One in whom we are found. There is no greater privilege than to be in that secret place of solitude with the Lover of our soul. It is that place where we truly abide in Him and where He truly abides in us, that we are one – just as the Father and Son are one. This was the experience of Mary at the feet of Jesus, a place that would not be denied her by Jesus because she chose the better thing.

There has always been a remnant throughout the ages that the Lord has marked and set apart who would be hidden, unknown, and unrecognised, but with a divine appointment to carry the heart of the Father and release it on Earth as it is in Heaven. Those few are growing into a vast army, dotted around our nation, and are being drawn into an intercessory priesthood filling the golden bowls; raising a perfumed incense before Jesus Himself.

We stand at a crossroads in human history where God is releasing His intercession on the Earth, to those who are hidden but trusted with the heartbeat of the Father.

The Moravians said it best: “Preach the Gospel, die, and be forgotten.”




Father, we come before Your throne of grace to seek Your heart over our nation of Australia.

In many ways our nation has been hidden among the nations. Our involvement in critical events that relate to biblical prophecy are stories that are largely untold.

Father grant us wisdom to understand the unique and privileged position You have given us in hiddenness to be strategically involved in Your End Time purposes.

Thank you that the beauty of hiddenness means that You see what most don’t, You value and treasure what others overlook.

Father, in hiddenness, what You have done through our nation in the natural realm, we now seek Your face to do in the spiritual realm as You position Australia with the other nations to see Your End Time harvest brought into the storehouse.

Father, empower Australia to be a loyal friend to Israel.

We believe You have created Australia to be a pioneer nation, You have entrusted us with Your purposes and we desire to walk in step with you. 

All for the glory of the Bridegroom King Jesus.


Glenn HodsonAuthor Bio

Glenn lives in Taree NSW and has been the Pastor of Manning Valley Covenant Ministries for over 25 years. He loves the privilege to partner with God in prayer and worship to see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. He loves to see Australia take up her place in the purposes of God. He is passionately committed to inspiring and equipping others to give their life to intercession and worship through the Prayer House.

Prayer Points and Purpose for GO 2023 in May

  1. To worship Jesus and give extravagant praise to God. Heb 12:28–29
  2. Pray that the Lamb who was slain might receive the reward for His suffering. Rev 5:6–14
  3. Pray for revival for Australia and for millions to find Christ. Isa 64:1–2
  4. Pray for revival for Israel and millions to find Christ. Rom 10:1
  5. Pray for five friends to find Christ and share the gospel with those five in May. Matt 28:18–20

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