Qantas to Support the Voice

25 May 2023

1.7 MINS

Would you be convinced by a fuselage? Qantas set to support Albo’s Voice.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is counting on Qantas to support the Indigenous Voice to Parliament by painting their planes in “Yes” livery.

I doubt that a Qantas plane is going to be of much help to the “Yes” campaign. It’s almost guaranteed to arrive late.

All jokes aside, what does it say about the way in which the Left regard ordinary Australians that they seem to be relying on major corporations and sporting codes to lecture the public on the merits of the Voice?

Are we so easily influenced, and so bereft of independent thought, that we will take our cues from plane paint jobs? That’s if we haven’t already been convinced by football codes.

How many people will vote “Yes” because, as they disembarked their plane – 8 hours late and missing all of their luggage – they caught a glimpse of the plane’s livery?

And yet our PM reckons it’s key to convincing us to change the constitution.

“I was going to vote “No” and then I caught sight of a Qantas fuselage and suddenly the creation of a race-based body within the Australian Constitution made sense to me,” said no one, ever.

The top-down strategy is likely to be counterproductive. People don’t want to be preached at by Woke corporations.

Did you know the NRL support the Voice? The ARU do too. And Cricket Australia.

At the time of writing, Roller Derby Australia have not yet announced their position on the Voice. A lot of people are, no doubt, reserving their decision on the referendum until they hear from the fast-paced contact sport played by two teams of fifteen members wearing quad skates, on a flat, oval track.

To add insult to injury, who do you think will pay for 747s to be repainted in order to massage the minds of passengers to vote for Anthony Albanese’s place in history?

The whole thing raises more questions than answers.

What do Qantas think about AUKUS?

Does the airline have a position on nuclear power?

Once the Voice is done, will Qantas aircraft be painted so that we are easily able to identify their stance on interest rates?

It’s incredible to me that Qantas would use their jets to deliver social justice sermonettes when they can’t even deliver your bags.

Or is it?

The Labor government will never forget those who stepped up and supported Albo’s pet project.

Nor will they forget who did not support it.

If Qantas do decide to pitch in, it won’t be for warm fuzzy feelings.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Joyce Michael 25 May 2023 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    Disappointingly I recently heard that Alzheimer’s WA is also supporting the Voice. I just can’t see the connection for those diagnosed with dementia??

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