Musk will Speak His Mind: If He Loses Money, “So be It”

29 May 2023

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Nothing will stop tech billionaire and Twitter CEO Elon Musk from saying what he wants – even if it means risking his wealth.

Musk continued his fight for free speech in a CNBC interview with David Faber, where he was asked to address his tweet comparing fellow tycoon George Soros to X-Men villain Magneto.


He followed it up with an apology… to Magneto.


Musk went on to tweet that Soros “wants to erode the very fabric of civilisation” and that “Soros hates humanity”.

Faber then questioned why Musk chooses to openly express his controversial opinions in spite of the consequences.

“Why share it when people who buy Teslas may not agree with you, advertisers on Twitter may not agree with you? Why not just say, hey, I think this, you can tell me, we can talk about it over there, and you can tell your friends – but why share it widely?”

To which Musk responded:

“I mean, there’s freedom of speech. I’m allowed to say what I want to.”

Faber then suggested that Musk speaking – or tweeting – his mind puts him “in the middle of the partisan divide in the country” and makes him “a lightning rod for criticism”, which includes accusations that Musk is an anti-Semite, considering George Soros’ Jewish background.

“No, I’m definitely not. I’m like a pro-Semite, if anything,” Musk said, before referencing a movie scene to further prove his point about courage in free speech.

“You know, I’m reminded of a scene in “The Princess Bride” – great movie – where he [the character Inigo Montoya] confronts the person who killed his father, and he says, “Offer me money. Offer me power. I don’t care.”

Faber clarified, “So, you just don’t care – you want to share what you have to say?”

“I’ll say what I want to say, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.”


An Endangered Civilisation

Musk is no stranger to rocking the Twitter boat or to sharing his thoughts in general, especially those about free speech and any threats to human civilisation.

He previously expressed concerns about declining birth rates and the future of humanity, noting in a recent Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson that “if we don’t make enough people to at least sustain our numbers, perhaps increase a little bit, then civilisation is going to crumble”.

Other threats to civilisation, as Musk suggests, are powerful magnates like Soros, who funds the Democratic Party and wields his wealth and influence to push progressive causes such as criminal justice “reform”, open borders and an “open society”.

The “woke mind virus” is another civilisational threat, as Musk tweeted in November last year:

“The woke mind virus has thoroughly penetrated entertainment and is pushing civilization towards suicide. There needs to be a counter-narrative.”


He also told Bill Maher earlier this month:

“We need to be very cautious about anything that is anti-meritocratic, and anything that results in the suppression of free speech. Those are two aspects of the ‘woke mind virus’ that I think are very dangerous.”


The Long March

As wokeism and cultural Marxism’s “long march through the institutions” make major headway throughout Western civilisation, fundamental human rights like freedom of speech – in the name of truth and holding those in power accountable – can stop it in its tracks before it’s too late.

A prominent man like Musk does not care if exercising his right to free speech means losing money, while others stay silent or ride the progressive wave for the sake of acquiring more money.

How long will society let the march go on for?

Lose your money, or lose your soul?


Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

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