Trump’s Indictments Hide Biden’s Crimes

18 August 2023

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Prosecutors have thrown the book at Trump. But every indictment was timed to distract from revelations of Biden family corruption.

President Donald Trump was served his fourth indictment on Monday, this time in Georgia on charges of racketeering for his efforts to challenge the 2020 election.

While legal scholars dissect the merits of the latest case, anyone with both eyes open will be suspicious about the timing of the announcement.

In fact, looking back over the events of recent months, all four indictments were conveniently timed to choke out any media coverage of the growing Biden family corruption scandal.


Ask yourself: would Trump be facing any indictments at all if he wasn’t running for re-election?

A Two-Tiered Justice System

Most of the Trump indictment charges rest on novel legal theories or have been served by attorneys not-so-secretly hostile to the former president. The officials have won praise from Trump’s critics, but betrayed the political neutrality of their offices.

Particularly galling is that members of the Biden family have remained immune from justice, despite mounting evidence implicating them in a vast crime syndicate.

U.S. prosecutors should have applied the law equally by bringing charges against Hunter and Joe Biden, so that courts might examine the evidence against the first family. Instead, they have targeted the former president on legally tenuous grounds — and timed their indictments of Trump to protect the Biden family from justified scrutiny at just the right moments.

Consider the timing of each of Trump’s indictments.

Biden China Payments > Trump’s 1st Indictment

On March 16th, the United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability revealed that the Biden family received over US$1 million from a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

The transactions were concealed by being passed from one bank account to another — first to Biden family associate Rob Walker, and then to Hunter’s business partner James Gilliar. Finally, incremental deposits were made into four seperate accounts for Hunter, James, Hallie and an “unknown” Biden — likely then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Two days after this bombshell revelation, Donald Trump announced via social media that he would soon be indicted in New York.

On April 4th, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump in the so-called “hush money case”, hitting Trump with up to 136 years in prison for allegedly filing false tax records.

It is a case that Bragg’s predecessor and federal authorities declined to bring against Trump for six years, and that rests on an untested and complex legal argument that would turn a state-level misdemeanour into a federal felony.

It is also public knowledge that when Bragg ran for office, he took a US$500,000 Soros-linked donation and ran on a platform of targeting Trump before he’d even looked at the case.

Biden Bribery and Plea Deal > Trump’s 2nd Indictment

On June 7th, the House Oversight Committee gained access to an FBI document detailing a US$10 million payment from a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch to Hunter and Joe Biden.

The oligarch, Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky, confided in an FBI asset that he had paid US$5 million apiece to the two Bidens to kill a corruption investigation targeting his Ukraine business. At the time, the senior Biden was Vice President and held the Ukraine portfolio for the Obama White House — and he did indeed kill the investigation.


The day after this damning revelation, Special Counsel for the Department of Justice Jack Smith indicted Trump in the Mar-a-Lago documents case. 

The federal indictment alleges that Trump unlawfully kept hundreds of classified government documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate after leaving the presidency. He faces up to 100 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Then on July 26th, Biden family corruption was making news headlines again. This time, federal prosecutors tore up a sweetheart plea deal Hunter’s lawyers had negotiated that would have kept Hunter out of court on a future case that will likely entangle his father, the sitting President.

The following day, on July 27th, Jack Smith added new charges to his indictment against Trump, which could earn him an additional 40 years in prison if convicted.

Devon Archer Interview > Trump’s 3rd Indictment

On July 31st, Hunter’s former friend and business partner Devon Archer testified before Congress, giving evidence that then-Vice President Joe Biden regularly schmoozed Hunter’s foreign business associates.

Archer said Hunter put his father on speakerphone to talk with his clients over 20 times, and Joe was also present with them at various business meetings, contradicting Joe’s oft-repeated claim that “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings”.

Archer described Joe Biden as “the brand” Hunter’s clients were willing to pay exorbitant amounts to gain access to.

The very next day, on August 1st, Jack Smith indicted Donald Trump for the January 6th case for “conspiracy to defraud the United States” and similar charges. If the case is successful, Donald Trump faces up to 55 years in prison.

For the case to succeed, prosecutors will need to prove Trump knew he lost the 2020 election even as he sought to challenge the results. It is a proposition that is absurd on its face and would require knowledge of intent, which is notoriously difficult to prove in court.

FBI Agent Transcript > Trump’s 4th Indictment

On the morning of August 14th, the House Oversight Committee released the transcript of an interview with an FBI agent who alleged the FBI and IRS engaged in grave misconduct to cover up Biden family corruption.

In short, during an investigation into the Bidens, Joe Biden’s transition team was tipped off about a planned interview with his son Hunter. The FBI and IRS team was told to stand down and wait for Hunter to call before they could interview him. Hunter never called so the team never interviewed him.

The FBI agent’s revelations confirmed the testimony of IRS whistleblowers who had previously appeared before Congress. 


Like clockwork, later the same evening, on August 14th, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis indicted Trump and 18 others in the Georgia 2020 election probe for challenging the results of the presidential race.

Her case depicts Trump and his associates as a criminal organisation that engaged in racketeering, and uses a legal framework historically brought against the mafia or figures of the criminal underworld.

To Willis’ embarrassment, a docket detailing Trump’s charges, complete with a case number, was posted to the Fulton County court’s website before the Grand Jury had voted on the case. First, the clerk dismissed it as a “fictitious document that has been circulated online,” and later, bizarrely, took responsibility for the “mishap” that saw the “sample working document” released prematurely.

One of the great ironies of the Georgia indictment is it takes place in the same state where Stacey Abrams, who lost the 2018 Governor race, has never accepted the results. Abrams, a Democrat, has never faced charges for challenging that election.

Undermining Faith in the Rule of Law

Once upon a time, both parties respected presidential immunity. But now, in the crucial days of Trump’s campaign for re-election as President, and years after Trump’s alleged crimes, Democrat prosecutors have thrown every charge at him imaginable, like so much spaghetti up against a wall, hoping something will stick.

Perhaps something will stick.

But their one-eyed conduct — and the timing of it especially — will only further fracture a divided nation, and undermine faith in the rule of law for all Americans.

On a positive note, while Trump’s enemies have now run out of reasons to indict him, revelations of the Biden family’s corruption keep coming, and will be harder for the media to ignore.

Image via Unsplash.

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  1. Pearl Miller 18 August 2023 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    Bingo! God gets the last word…His will be done!

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