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The Woke Grievance Cult is as Genocidal as Hamas Jihadists

23 October 2023

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Regardless of where you may stand on the tragic events in Israel, a certainty is this: Critical Race Theorists, along with its Woke grievance cult are genocidal and must be brought to heel.

As recently cancelled, Laurence Fox argued on X, “I was vilified for saying policemen and footballers should not be kneeling to the evil #BLM cult.

“Let’s see how quickly they stop supplicating themselves to those who celebrate the rape and murder of innocent civilians.”

Neo-Marxist Mantras

Black Lives Matter Incorporated were quick to jump on Israel’s military action in Gaza as a crime against humanity.

They selectively ignored the 1200+ dead and injured Israelis (which includes Muslims and Jews).

They then rolled out tired, one-sided political narratives filled with victimisation and blame.

Further still, a group calling themselves Black Lives Matter Grassroots publicly called for genocide – a HAMAS-style ‘decolonisation’ of America.

This sponsored Samuel Sey’s sharp warning.

“Conservatives who say Israel is oppressing Palestine are repeating woke talking points,” he wrote on X.

To this, he added,

“If you believe Israel is oppressing Palestinians, you’ve embraced the same ideology that says America is oppressing black people.

“That’s why you and Black Lives Matter are on the same side on the Israel-Palestine conflict.”

So, he continued,

“Stop using the oppressor vs. the oppressed dynamic on Israel’s conflict with Palestine (postcolonial theory).”

Sey isn’t saying we can’t be critical of Israel’s government, which, when it comes to COVID-19 overreach, is absolutely fair game.

His points transcend reactions to Hamas’ war on Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Sey is saying we should avoid being lured into preaching the same grievance cult cognitive distortions inherent to Wokeshevism.

Note, for example, the calls for peace, while on the same page, protestors chant “death to Israel.”

Broader still are the dangers of allowing the same Woke mind virus to infect our theology.

The us vs. them eschatological peeing contest I’ve witnessed demands such a discussion.

Those reluctant to condemn Islamists have been swift to condemn and mock anyone even remotely sympathetic of Israel.

This is where Sey’s warnings find traction.


Christians making modern Israel the object of their faith, instead of Jesus Christ, shows that the more immediate battleground is natural theology, not eschatology.

There is no second revelation of God, outside who, where, and when, He has chosen to reveal Himself, namely by way of Covenant with ancient Israel, and in His son, Jesus the Christ.

The Bible attests to this: Jesus Christ, a Jew, is true Israel. He is the chosen one.

Salvation comes through the Jews; it doesn’t come from being a Jew, any more than it comes from having a perfect Church attendance record.

The God, who is righteous, Holy, and steadfast, is the object of our faith, not man, tree, metal, image or the ‘delusion of demons’ (Augustine, City of God).

This is how the Apostle Paul, once a Pharisee, instructed the early church, itself made up of the Jewish community.

Only upon Jesus Christ, the elected One, do we find our election.

This, Paul tells us, eventually includes the Jews – as it does Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and, we might rightly hope, modern Israel.

Despite Paul’s words, there was no acknowledgement of the distinction between supporting Israel’s right to exist and worshipping modern Israel as a second revelation of God.

Chest-beating about eschatology hid the real serpent in the playground.

The errancy of natural theology is used to justify jihad, as well as “forever wars”.

It’s what defined Hitler, the State, and Communist leaders the world over.

Natural theology is, therefore, the greater boil on the backside of current events, not sympathy for Israel.

Woke Jihadists cheering on Islamic jihadism isn’t a surprise to those who’ve long been acquainted with the fine print.

To quote from Douglas Wilson’s apt thread on X,

“Times of crisis are moments when God decides to pressure-test nations, cities, societies, parties, and movements. A crisis often reveals where all the true fault lines are.”


Originally published at Caldron Pool. Photo by Shane Aldendorff.

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  1. Peter Pearce 23 October 2023 at 6:38 am - Reply

    Dear Rod,

    I’ve been a supporter of Palestinian rights and a critic of certain Israeli policies since the late ’90s, a stance formed long before the advent of the ideologies you critique. Your article seems to conflate all criticism of Israel with contemporary “woke” Marxism, ignoring the genuine, ethical concerns that individuals like myself have held for decades.

    I find the theological positioning in your piece concerning, particularly the subtle yet significant elevation of modern Israel’s geopolitical standing to a level of theological prominence. This blending of theology with national politics is problematic, not least because it obscures the nuanced realities of the Israel-Palestine situation and simplifies the profound complexities of historical injustices.

    Moreover, your argument appears to conflate criticism of Israeli policies with sympathizing with Hamas, an unfair leap that silences countless voices advocating for human dignity, justice, and equality. Christians, many of whom are long-standing advocates for peace in the region, are thus cornered into a narrow viewpoint, jeopardizing their ability to engage in meaningful discourse.

    From a Christian perspective, our faith calls us to seek justice and peace for all (Micah 6:8, Isaiah 1:17). The Beatitudes (Matthew 5) further emphasize the blessedness of peacemakers. Our approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, therefore, should be rooted in these principles that transcend nationalistic loyalty or political convenience.

    In conclusion, advocating for Palestinian rights and critiquing certain Israeli policies does not stem from “woke” ideology but from a long-standing, deep-seated commitment to justice and human dignity. Your article, while aiming to address contemporary issues, misses this crucial perspective and, in doing so, dismisses a swath of discourse that has persisted for decades, independent of current cultural trends.

    • Rod 23 October 2023 at 10:10 am - Reply

      Thanks for the comment.

      My point was straight forward enough.

      As to any accusations I’m promoting Jewish Nationalism, you must have missed most of what I’ve written at the conclusion of this piece:

      “Namely: Christians making modern Israel the object of their faith, instead of Jesus Christ, shows that the more immediate battleground is natural theology, not eschatology.

      There is no second revelation of God, outside who, where, and when, He has chosen to reveal Himself, namely by way of Covenant with ancient Israel, and in His son, Jesus the Christ.

      The Bible attests to this: Jesus Christ, a Jew, is true Israel. He is the chosen one.”

      Elevating Palestinian (for the majority here we’re talking Islamic) nationalism over Jesus Christ is just as perilous.

      No where in the article have a derided or ridiculed Palestinians. You seem to be reading into this piece your own agenda.

      My agenda is clear: natural theology is the curse on which these debates break over its innocent victims, not eschatology – THAT is the real theological issue at hand. From this deification of the state/mane or woman, stems – as I pointed out – all sorts of injustice.

      My goal was to address the misguided nature of the current debates about eschatology, and draw attention to the real root cause of the spirit of error many seem to be following.

      This includes (again, as you’d have seen clearly if you’d read my piece without the bias) Woke ideology, which does more harm to those it claims to serve and protect.

      It’s victims include Palestinians. I’d also draw your attention to your dishonest criticism here, but I suspect you’re mind’s made up on the matter.


      I have a heart for modern Israel, as every Christian who has a heart for the lost should.

      I have a heart for the Jews, as every Christian who understands Covenant and Christ should.

      I have a heart for the people and that part of the middle east, as every Christian who knows the origins of Biblical Christianity should.

      I have a heart for them because the object of my affection and gratitude isn’t a state.

      I have a heart for these things because the object of my faith is Jesus bar Joseph, Jesus, King of the Jews; God’s Word made flesh and dwelling amongst us.

      I have a heart for Israel as a nation, as every Christian living the great commission should.
      I have a heart for Zion, as any Christian who understands that Zion is a person, not just a place, should. Our refuge is not in walls alone, but in the One who is fully Divine and fully man.

      I have a heart for these things because God has worked out the reality of His self-revealing in Jesus the Christ through the Jews. Salvation comes through the Jews, being Jewish doesn’t save us.

      I have a heart for the Shema, and a heart for the Lord’s prayer, as any Christian who understands Biblical prayer, should.

      I have a heart because the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel, made manifest in His Son, chose to stretch out His arms, be beaten to a pulp, then reach out to me a Gentile, and put His hand in mine too.


      Peace be with you, Peter.

  2. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 23 October 2023 at 11:59 am - Reply

    I am not influenced by any WOKE propaganda . The fact is that many Palestians were made refugees at the time the State of Israel was created and a political solution should have been found many decades ago !
    We should pray for a solution and for Peace ! As a Christian , a follower of Jesus Christ (my Lord and God ) , I have believed all my life in the brotherhood of ALL people, regardless of colour, social status , religion or none, therefore , my God is the God of Love and Forgiveness of the New Testamant , not the Jewish God of Vengeance of the Old Testament which denies Christ .
    As HE was dying on the cross , Jesus asked God the Father to forgive His enemies who had demanded His death — : “Lord , forgive them for they know not what they do !” His message was that He had come to overturn the Old Jewish Law , that God makes no difference between “Gentile or Jew ” and that we should “Love they neighbour as ourselves ” no matter how hard that may be! To do otherwise is to create a never-ending cycle of killings and revenge , which is what has happened in this case .
    There is the old secular saying : “Two Wrongs do no make a Right “. There are bad Jews just as there are good ones. Ditto with the Moslems “. One of my best friends until she died , Zoe Einsenscimil Coppola , was Jewish. I cherish the help she gave me and her memory with undying love ! She was one of the finest persons I ever knew !

    • Annette 23 October 2023 at 8:01 pm - Reply

      Jesus’ message was NOT that He had come to overturn the Old Jewish Law. Jesus said that He didn’t come to destroy the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfil. Matthew 5:17

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