Audrey Hale

Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale Targeted White ‘Privileged’ People

10 November 2023

6.2 MINS

Audrey Hale was motivated by a hatred for ‘white privileged’ people, as fostered by identity politics and cultural Marxism.

Audrey Hale killed three children and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on 27 March 2023.

Police have remained in possession of material produced by Hale that reveals information about the shooter’s mindset and motive. As the documents have not been released, the public has not had the ability to understand what happened and how to prevent a tragic reoccurrence.

Leaked Journal Pages

However, on Monday morning commentator Stephen Crowder announced on his Louder with Crowder show that he had obtained exclusive access to the first three pages of Audrey Hale’s journal. It has now been confirmed by Nashville Chief of Police John Drake that the three pages are indeed from the shooter.

The first three pages of Hale’s journal read (graphically):

Page 1

DEATH DAY 3/27/23

Today is the day, the day has finally come! I can’t believe it’s here. Don’t know how I was able to get this far, but here I am.

I’m a little nervous, but excited too. Been excited for the past two weeks. There were several times I could have been caught, especially back in the summer of 2021. None of that matters now. I’m almost an hour & 7 minutes away. Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready…

I hope my victims aren’t. My only fear is if anything goes wrong, I’ll do my best to prevent [illegible] of the sort.

God let my wrath take over my anxiety. It might be 10 minutes tops. It might be 3-7. It’s gonna go quick. I hope I have a high death count. Ready to die haha.

Page 2

Kill those kids!!!

those cr***ers going to fancy schools

with those fancy khakis & sports backpacks

w/ their daddies mustangs & convertibles

f*** you little s****

I wish to shoot you weak a** d**** w/ your mop yellow hair

wanna kill all you little cr***ers!!!

Bunch of little f****ts w/ your white privileges

f*** you f****ts

Page 3


6:30 – Desired [cut off]

7:00am – Get dressed

7:05am – 8:55am [Cut off] w/ stuffed animals + possessions

9:00am – Eat breakfast at home

9:30am – Pack up special belongings in backpack(s)

9:50 – test knife car glass breaker (dad’s old cars)

10:00am – Leave for Royal Range (19-20 min)

10:20am – Gear up + set up guns in trunk (assemble) + get out vest (w/mags inside)

11:20am – Final video tape (10 min)


11:35am – Leave for Covenant School

12:00pm Arrive at Covenant (check parking lot for security)

12:05 – Arrive in designated parking space

12:05-12:10 prepare for attack

[illegible] lock + load all weapons

12:33 open fire towards SW entrance

Time 2 die XXX

The journal pages reveal Hale was “excited” about shooting school kids and hoped “for a high death count”.

They also reveal a motive for the attacks. Hale deludedly swallowed the false narrative of identity politics, an expression of cultural Marxism.

Identity politics segregates people into ‘oppressed’ and ‘oppressor’ categories.

In the Nashville shooting case, two main expressions of identity politics were at play: race and sexuality/gender.

If you are white, you are the oppressor. This is why Hale referred to “white privilege” and “fancy schools” as examples of how these children – through no fault of their own – had somehow put themselves in the ‘oppressor’ category. They were “crackers” – a racial slur for white people.

Further, if you are heterosexual and believe the biological reality that gender is binary, the same logic also labels you the oppressor. You are a part of the ‘privileged class’ that sets heterosexuality as the norm for family and society.

In this worldview of identity politics, ‘truth’ has gone out of the window – it’s all about ‘power’.

Hale had recently been referring to herself as a male and using the name “Aiden” on some of her social media posts. By rebelling against the ‘heteronormative system’, she was in the ‘oppressed’ category.

Therefore, shooting kids who can barely spell the word ‘gender’ is virtuous and a step towards racial and sexuality/gender justice. According to this logic, she is not a perpetrator of cold-blooded murder against innocent children. She is a righteous, oppressed victim – even when pulling the trigger.

It chillingly explains why, days after the Nashville shooting, White House press secretary Jean-Pierre referenced “the trans community” as those “under attack”.

The White House is inciting violence.

Responses to Hale’s Journal

X, formerly known as Twitter, was awash with responses pointing out the obvious from Hale’s journal pages.

Elon Musk responded by writing “Clearly mentally ill, but also clearly brainwashed into being a mass murderer by the system”.

Tara Servatius responded by pointing out that while Hale was mentally disturbed, she was not mentally incoherent. This was a thought-out, planned (over two years) attack. Her thoughts weren’t scattered and she was able to systematically put her thoughts into action.

Others penned how ideology – heavily promoted through media and politics – had incited violence.

Not all ideas are equal, and all ideas have consequences. As the Nashville School shooting shows, bad ideas have tragic ones.

Previously, officials had said there was no obvious indication of a motive for the shootings. On April 15, NBC News ran the story that the “Motive in Nashville shooting remains unclear”, writing:

“David Rausch, the director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, told attendees at a Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association meeting last week that the handwritten journals were ramblings, and the entries made no mention of specific political, religious or social issues.”

Thanks to Stephen Crowder, the words of David Rausch are clearly false.

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram were quick to pull down Stephen Crowder’s posts, sending the warning message that “Your post may go against our Community Standards on violence and incitement.”

Ian Miles Cheong wrote that the reason Hale’s documents (and a ‘final video’ recorded just before the event) failed to be released to the public was that

“Hale’s actions and her motive go against the narrative that ‘white supremacy’ is the greatest threat to democracy. The greatest threat to freedom and democracy is DEI. It is the woke mind virus.”

Cheong’s remarks are directed against President Biden’s comments labelling ‘white supremacy’ as the greatest threat to democracy and freedom.

Further Unconfirmed Revelations

On 8 November, Candice Owens from the Daily Wire made further comments on Hale’s motives. Owens stated she had information from Hale’s documents that have not yet been made available to the public.

While expressing that she “trusts the source”, as long as the information remains inaccessible to the public, these claims will remain unconfirmed. However, they do help piece together a more complete motive of the killer. The first 17 minutes of her show were devoted to this topic.

First, Owens referred to Hale’s claim that she was sexually assaulted as a child. If this is true, this traumatic event would help explain why Audrey – as an adult – had an “obsession with child-like paraphernalia” such as collecting stuffed children’s toys. It would appear that part of her has remained locked in as a child and she has suffered stunted emotional growth.

Second, Owens claims that while at the school, Audrey was facing her own identity issues. Hale blamed the school for the way it treated her ‘identity issues’.

If true (or at least if Hale believed she was mistreated), it would again explain her motive in targeting the place where she was educated as a child.

Identity Politics and ‘Gender Affirmation’ is Not the Way, But Jesus Is

It is commonly known that many who suffer from gender dysphoria have underlying mental health issues. Owens points out that the ‘gender affirmation model’ – meaning that others must affirm the person’s self-declared transgender identity – asserts itself as the only valid option.

But this can result in avoiding the root issues causing a person to feel discomfort with their biological sex. Consequently, any trauma remains buried and untreated. As one clinician in the book Inventing Transgender Children and Young People put it, “Once the child announces that gender is the problem, this masks all other issues.”

When underlying masked issues are combined with identity politics’ obsession with the oppressor-oppressed narrative, it makes for a potent mix. Placed in the ‘oppressed’ category, people with gender dysphoria are made perpetual victims in need of the affirmation of those around them.

When this ‘gender affirmation’ is denied, it is interpreted as further evidence of ‘oppression’. In turn, this deepens embedded victimisation and fosters a justification of violence.

This is an entirely tragic and potentially deadly way of ‘helping’ people. Those who are taught to see themselves as ongoing victims will never be free.

Thankfully, true healing is available to all people so that we no longer need to consider ourselves as victims.

All humans are broken and sinful (Rom 3:23), and left to ourselves, are faced with a dire situation where “death reigns” over us (Rom 5:17).

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be that way. All people have the opportunity to “reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ” (Rom 5:17).

Those who do “reign in life” are no longer victims. They’ve been set free.


Image: Screenshot via Dr Todd Grande/YouTube.

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  1. Countess Antonia Maria Violetta Scrivanich 10 November 2023 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    Despite suppression by Biden and the media we learn the truth, that Cultural Marxism incites hatred of Whites as “privileged “, and, therefore , should be murdered . It can happen here unless the Marxist indoctrination in universities is stopped.

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